Wagyu Revolution conference videos


The 2016 Wagyu Revolution Conference drew the largest crowd ever in the event’s 15 year history with 400 Wagyu industry representatives from all states and overseas discovering more about the exciting Wagyu breed.

Videos of the pre-conference workshop and of the conference presentations are now available for viewing.

The complete suite of videos are now available free of charge to all conference delegates. For those who did not attend, the pre-conference workshop is available free of charge and all other presentations are available for a fee.

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Wagyu overview, setting the scene

Australian Wagyu Association President Peter Gilmour explains why the #Wagyu Revolution is the theme for the 15th Annual Conference referring to the breed’s dramatic growth and explaining the strategies that will maintain and accelerate this expansion.

Will Wagyu supply exceed demand?

Meat & Livestock Australia boss was challenged to predict the future for high quality beef, particularly the outlook for Wagyu over the next decade. Listen to his projections.

Beef guru explains how to handle Wagyu beef

This high profile steak restaurant operator explains the best ways to handle, cook and serve Wagyu beef and reveals he is heading to 100% Wagyu at Cha Char Char.

Healthiness of Wagyu Beef

The world’s leading researcher into the ‘healthiness‘ of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid found in abundance in long fed Wagyu, explains the latest findings that makes Wagyu beef ‘good for you’.

How to breed, prepare and market bulls

With 4,000+ fullblood Wagyu bulls required each year to meet the demand from herds switching to Wagyu, this leading Hereford bull breeder explains what it takes to produce bulls that perform and how to attract and retain clients.

How the new AUSMEAT carcase language affects Wagyu

Discover how meat with high eating qualities will be recognised with the new AUSMEAT language.

What are Wagyu Worth?

Price discovery was the winner when Wagyu appeared in numbers on AuctionsPlus in July 2015. Per kilo live rates topped the $6 mark, almost double those paid for other breeds. Anna explains how the AuctionsPlus system works and why it is so suited to Wagyu.

Up, up and away for Australian Wagyu

Will the upward trajectory of Wagyu production in Australia continue and at what rate? Hear what the CEO predicts and learn how technology and science is identifying superior Wagyu genetics to drive sustainability and profitability in the breed.

Sustaining a family Wagyu business for 25 years

Sher Wagyu entered the Wagyu industry in 1991 and now exports Sher Wagyu beef to15 countries. It is a real paddock to plate operation. Hear how it all works and what it takes to survive.

Making the switch to Wagyu

It takes a lot to switch breeds after 100 years but that is what the Binnies have done. Steve Binnie explains how and why.

Q&A - All your lot feeding questions answered

This session brought together a ‘who’s who’ panel of lot feeders and their suppliers to answer delegates’ questions. Gain an insight into why the feedlot and Wagyu industries are so reliant on each other.

Finding the best Wagyu genetics

For the first time in Australia Grow Safe feed bin technology will be utilised in a commercial feedlot to develop Net Feed Intake in sire progeny groups. This will provide valuable data to discover genetics that improve feed efficiency and therefore boost profits.

No to horns but yes to branded beef in Tasmania

The iconic Robbins Island Wagyu operation on the Tasmanian north coast has developed a strategy to poll their herd, naturally, and is developing a Wagyu beef brand that highlights the pristine cattle production in the cleanest of clean environments.

Conference wrap

This session wraps up the 2016 Wagyu Revolution Conference and the CEO summarises the major issues raised and discussed. A must-view episode for all in the Wagyu industry.

Wagyu workshop introduction

AWA CEO Graham Truscott kicks off the Wagyu Revolution 2016 conference with the pre-conference workshop. Graham welcomes everyone and introduces new staff; Carel Teseling, Sarah Balla, Caitlin Berecry and Meaghan Truscott. AWA Technical Services Officer, Carel Teseling outlines the purpose of the workshop.

AWA registration process and DNA testing

This workshop session talks about the 'Wagyu Cycle of Life' encompassing the registration process and the post registration process focusing on how to register animals and how requesting DNA testing of your animals works.

What is DNA testing/genotyping for parent verification and genetic conditions

This workshop session explains how tgenetic testing is carried out at the Animal Genetics Lab at the University of Queensland, the types of DNA samples that exist and what options are available to AWA members to then to test their animals.

How AllFlex products can be efficiently used for Wagyu members

This workshop session outlines how AllFlex tagging and TSU products are being used for Wagyu producers. Jim also talks about unique animal identification and the integration with herd management software.

Ordering AllFlex Tags and TSU's

how to order AllFlex tags and TSU's via AWA website.

How to manage scours in Wagyu cattle

In this segment Enoch Bergman challenges the way you think about and manage scours. This workshop presentation provides practical, relatable and scientifically grounded methods for the cause of scours and how to go about managing scours in Wagyu cattle

Capture data using Practical Systems Herd Management software

This workshop session explains how to increase the efficiency of your registration process by utilising herd management software, Stockbook, to capture, manage and distribute animal data to the AWA.

BREEDPLAN and optimal mating using advanced MatSel

This workshop session looks at BREEDPLAN and optimal mating using Advanced MatSel. Also what to look at in Wagyu animals, breeding tools available, the importance of accurate data collection, where EBV's come from and how they are calculated; and the large amount of genetic gain that can be achieved through the use of this data.

2016 Wagyu Workshop Q&A session

Questions from the audience for our speakers - Carel Teseling (Australian Wagyu Association), Sarah Balla (Australian Wagyu Association), Sarah Buttsworth (University of Queensland), Russell Lyons (University of Queensland), Jim MecKiff (AllFlex), Enoch Bergman (Swans Vet Services) and Mark Morton (Practical Systems).