AWA conference program highlights

  • INVESTING IN WAGYU – the smart money is flowing into the Wagyu industry. Find out why and discover the business expertise being used.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY – the science of breeding more productive and efficient cattle that produce beef of superb eating quality is charging ahead – make sure you learn about the latest developments.
  • VERTICAL INTEGRATION – Australian Wagyu is winning accolades world-wide with Michelin Stars and World’s Best Steak awards. Learn from those involved.
  • INCREASING WEANING PERCENTAGES – Wagyu sired calves being dropped now are the most valuable bovines ever. Calf survival and high weaning rate are of critical importance.
  • WHAT SHOULD I BE PRODUCING – F1s, F2s or HIGH PERCENTAGE WAGYU? The popular Q&A panel representing all opinions will explain the best mix for your environment and target market.
  • THE F1 WAGYU X HOLSTEIN CALF – CAN IT SAVE DAIRY FARMERS? Dairy farmers faced with low milk prices need alternative income streams. How can they become involved with the cash generating scheme of producing Wagyu X Holstein bobby or grown calves.
  • An F1 WAGYU X ANGUS CALF – the most common Wagyu F1 in Australia is the Wagyu x Angus. A special session will discuss the best way of managing this process.
  • SEEDSTOCK PRODUCTION. Demand for Wagyu to breed herd sires is increasing as the breed expands. Possibilities are endless.

AND THAT’S ONLY THE START. Plan now to be in Albury-Wodonga with close to 500 others representing all facets of the Wagyu industry in May 2017.