Boundless Plains to Share

Boundless Plains to Share – celebrating innovation and collaboration 

The Australian Wagyu Association is proud to be invited to contribute to the Boundless Plains to Share: Australia’s Agribusiness Partnership with Asia – Century 21 campaign which aims to be the largest ever campaign on Australia’s agricultural potential and its relationship to Asia – in the Asian century. 

Boundless Plains’  is a major book on Australia’s Food and Agricultural Provenance, supported by the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, and several State Premiers. OMG is a long standing distinguished publisher of high quality books and “Knowledge campaigns .” It has a wide audience of 500,000 in Australia and at least 1.5 million in Asia in English and Chinese languages over the next 2 years; the book is lavishly illustrated.

Agriculture, agribusiness and Australia’a potential 

Australia is one of the world’s great agricultural nations. We feed not only ourselves, but much of the rest of the world. Agriculture is one of Australia’s largest industries, and makes a substantial contribution to exports.

Agriculture is a $100 billion plus industry in Australia, accounting for 12% of GDP.

Agriculture and Agribusiness will become even more important to Australia in the Asian century. We are located next to the fastest growing region on earth. The burgeoning population in Asia, with fast-changing dietary and consumption habits, presents Australia with an unrivalled opportunity.

But this opportunity remains unfulfilled. Much more needs to be done to ensure that Agriculture and Agribusiness and their closely associated industries – science, biosecurity, education, finance, infrastructure, ICT, logistics, irrigation and water management and others – reach their potential as Australia’s most important and pervasive engine of growth in the 21st century.

This is Australia’s greatest economic opportunity. We must seize it now.

Boundless Plains to Share campaign

The Boundless Plains project will produce a world class and long-term campaign based on these ideas and to disseminate the contents of this campaign around Australia, Asia and the world.

There will be two key aspects to the campaign:

  • A high quality book of over 300 pages to be released in March 2017. The book has many components, with first rate editorial content. It is designed for a very long life, and gives the reader reasons to return to it. AWA has contributed to the Science & Tech section with the article “Wagyu beef driving Australian cattle industryDownload the article
  •  A multi-channel marketing and awareness campaign, built on the book. This includes a wide range of social and digital media deliveries, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter reinforcement reaching a targeted audience of 2-3 million.

The Boundless Plains to Share article release series shares the following contributions from the first chapter, ‘The Big Questions For Australian Agribusiness’. This chapter includes some of the leading thinkers in agriculture and agribusiness today giving their opinions and solutions on a range of issues facing the industry:

We hope you enjoy these excellent articles from Boundless Plains to Share.

New releases

Two more important contributions from the Boundless Plains to Share publication is listed below. The entire publication will be available soon in hard copy and digital editions. Stay tuned for more information on how you can access a copy.