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DNA Testing and Registrations

An overview of the registration process and methods to submit animal registrations.

Collecting Performance Information

A description of the production traits you can collect and how to submit the data to the AWA for genetic analysis.

Member login area and database search

Understand your member login area and Wagyu database search facility. Learn how it can benefit your breeding program.

SNP Genotyping

Introducing the genotyping options available to members.

The future of parent verification and DNA testing

An overview of the correct collection of DNA samples and how to submit the samples for parent verification and genetic condition testing. We'll also discuss the registration process and methods to submit animal registrations.

New grading-up options

The availability of the Crossbred Wagyu Test (CWT) opens up the opportunity to determine the Wagyu percentage of an animal. The AWA board recently approved new By-Laws allowing the use of the CWT results to assign grades to tested animals. We will look at how you can now register those animals which could previously not be parent verified.

AWA registration process and DNA testing

This workshop session talks about the 'Wagyu Cycle of Life' encompassing the registration process and the post registration process focusing on how to register animals and how requesting DNA testing of your animals works.

What is DNA testing/genotyping for parent verification and genetic conditions

This workshop session explains how tgenetic testing is carried out at the Animal Genetics Lab at the University of Queensland, the types of DNA samples that exist and what options are available to AWA members to then to test their animals.

How AllFlex products can be efficiently used for Wagyu members

This workshop session outlines how AllFlex tagging and TSU products are being used for Wagyu producers. Jim also talks about unique animal identification and the integration with herd management software.

Ordering AllFlex Tags and TSU's

how to order AllFlex tags and TSU's via AWA website.

How to manage scours in Wagyu cattle

In this segment Enoch Bergman challenges the way you think about and manage scours. This workshop presentation provides practical, relatable and scientifically grounded methods for the cause of scours and how to go about managing scours in Wagyu cattle

Capture data using Practical Systems Herd Management software

This workshop session explains how to increase the efficiency of your registration process by utilising herd management software, Stockbook, to capture, manage and distribute animal data to the AWA.

BREEDPLAN and optimal mating using advanced MatSel

This workshop session looks at BREEDPLAN and optimal mating using Advanced MatSel. Also what to look at in Wagyu animals, breeding tools available, the importance of accurate data collection, where EBV's come from and how they are calculated; and the large amount of genetic gain that can be achieved through the use of this data.

2016 Wagyu Workshop Q&A session

Questions from the audience for our speakers - Carel Teseling (Australian Wagyu Association), Sarah Balla (Australian Wagyu Association), Sarah Buttsworth (University of Queensland), Russell Lyons (University of Queensland), Jim MecKiff (AllFlex), Enoch Bergman (Swans Vet Services) and Mark Morton (Practical Systems).