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The 2017 Wagyu Expansion Conference drew the largest crowd ever in the event’s 16-year history with over 400 Wagyu industry representatives from all states and overseas discovering more about the Wagyu breed.

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Wagyu supply and demand

Meat & Livestock Australia’s marketing master-mind, reveals MLA’s latest information on the nation-wide and world-wide demand for the high quality beef industry headed by Wagyu. This session will reveal what the future holds for the Wagyu industry.

Why is the smart money being invested in Wagyu

Mining magnates, pastoral companies and pastoral families, processors, feedlotters and international businesses are investing huge amounts in the Wagyu industry. Brett Blanchett will explain how this is happening and why these smart investors have such faith in the Wagyu breed.

A decade of Wagyu from 2013-2022

Where Wagyu has come from in the past five years and where is it going in the next five years, retiring AWA CEO GRAHAM TRUSCOTT traces Wagyu’s explosive growth over the past five years. Incoming CEO MATT McDONAGH explains the levels his sights are set for the next five years.

The Japanese Carcase Camera

Accurate measurement of Wagyu carcases is crucial for worthwhile performance recording and the Japanese developed carcase cameras have provided data with integrity. KEIGO KUCHIDA (the camera’s developer) and Australian Wagyu consultant JOE GROSE discuss the capabilities of the latest version of Japanese carcase cameras and the effect they are having on genetic discovery in the Australian Wagyu herd.

Genomics in breed improvement

Australia’s head animal scientist ROB BANKS, Director of the Australian Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) reveals how the Wagyu breed has benefitted by the dramatic advancements in genetic discovery through the use of genomics.

How to produce the World’s Best Steak - Twice

Patrick Warmoll reveals how Jack’s Creek did just that with Australian Wagyu in a field of entries from dozens of countries.

Wagyu’s live export trade

The live export trade of F1 Wagyu to Japan provides an additional market for Australian producers. Matthew Edwards explains Japan’s requirements and how to get involved.

How to develop a good relationship with cattle buyers

RICHARD ELDERSHAW has bought thousands of Wagyu influenced cattle over many years in the industry, until recently managing the procurement of F1 Wagyu X Angus and F1 Wagyu X Holstein for the giant Rangers Valley feedlot in the NSW New England. Richard, who advised many producers about the Wagyu genetics that work in a feedlot, will discusses his ‘Wagyu journey’ and explains how the system works and what buyers are looking for.

What should I breed, F1, F2, F3 or more?

This popular Q&A session challenged a panel of industry leaders with probing questions. Many producers are asking what is the optimum Wagyu influence required in a herd. Find out what the experts think. The panel is chaired by AWA board member and feedlotter CHANTAL WINTER.
The panel includes PATRICK WARMOLL (Jack’s Creek), Darren Hamblin (Qld seedstock & commercial producer), Andrew Moore (Rangers Valley), Matt Edwards (live exporter), Peter Krause (NSW seedstock producer) Peter Hughes (Qld commercial producer) and Anthony Winter (seedstock producer and feedlotter).

A guide to F1 Wagyu X Angus breeding

ERICA HALLIDAY, a NSW Angus seedstock producer has been involved in Wagyu crossbreeding. At present Ben Nevis, as well as conducting a highly successful annual sale of yearling Angus bulls, is producing a special style of Angus female which best suits the F1 production program. Erica and her husband started in the cattle industry with ‘no cattle, no land and no money’. It’s a fascinating story.

A guide to F1 Wagyu X Holstein breeding

Victorian dairy farmer LACHIE SUTHERLAND from Larpent, near Colac, supplies F1 Wagyu X Holstein calves at hefty premiums over straight bred Holstein calves. Lachie explains his journey of becoming involved in this lucrative value adding exercise.

How the Holstein F1 program works

NICK SHER of Beefcorp Australia contracts to buy thousands of Wagyu X Holstein F1 bobby calves and reared calves to produce the Sher Wagyu brand which is exported to 15 countries. Nick, who pioneered the contract buying of F1 Wagyu X Holstein calves in 1996, defines the type of cattle they buy and offers advice on the best way for dairy farmers to develop a successful program to supplement incomes.

The how and why of F1 Wagyu X Angus breeding

RICHARD PUDDICOMBE, manager of Paraway Pastoral Company’s Burindi Station at Barraba NSW introduced Wagyu bulls to assist heifer calvings and the Wagyu influence has grown in Paraway’s high quality Angus herd. He explains the benefits and the pitfalls of the project. What to do and not to do it in one easy lesson.

Wagyu Hall of Fame Induction

WALLY RAE, an Australian Wagyu pioneer, tells his fascinating story of the challenges of getting Wagyu genetics into Australia.

How pasture improvement can promote and good health within your herd

While your herd’s genetics must be well managed, nutrition is even more important. JAMES SEWELL of PGG Wrightson explains how pasture improvement can promote growth and good health. And there are suggestions that a new pasture species can produce 40% more grass with 20% less moisture.

Conference wrap - #Wagyu Expansion

The 2017 Wagyu conference is easily the largest annual beef breed organisation conference in Australia with more than double the number of delegates of the next biggest. AWA CEO Matt McDonagh summarised the presentations from this year's conference.