Premium Wagyu Sale

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Friday, 2 March 2018

 December Sale Results


This was the biggest Premium Wagyu sale for the year. There was a wide variety of live cattle and genetics on offer from throughout Australia. There was plenty of interest from commercial and stud buyers particularly at the lower value end of the market.

Sale results from Premium Wagyu Sale –  Friday 1st  December 2017. 

  • 3 Black bulls sold from $7500 to $8500 to average $8033
  • 4 Red bulls sold from $4400 to $4400 to average $4400
  • 4  Cows, i/c, calf sold at $2550
  • 12 heifers PTIC sold from $ 1750 to $2050 to average $1900
  • 12 heifers unjoined sold from $2150 to $2350 to average $2279
  • 120 semen straws sold from $35 to $1100 to average $160
  • 41 embryos sold from $475 to $1550 to average $1020
  • 40 Angus heifers PTIC to Wagyu sold at $1800
  • 32 lots sold for a gross of $227, 450


Next Premium Wagyu Sale – March 2018

The next Premium Wagyu Sale will be on Friday 2nd March 2018. The format of the catalogue will be improved for stud bulls and females and a new entry form will be designed to assist in creating the new look.

Entries will close 2 weeks prior to the sale, to allow for a more detailed catalogue to be produced, approved and marketed in good time.

The sale is open to all types of Wagyu cattle from fullbloods to non-Wagyu cows PTIC to registered Wagyu bulls, stud or commercial, live cattle or genetics (semen, embryos and flushes), breeders, feeders, weaners or prime cattle. All lots must trace back to an AWA registered sire or dam with Wagyu Breedplan figures.

This is a regular Wagyu and Wagyu content only sale. Listings must link directly to Australian Wagyu Association Registered Animals that have Wagyu BREEDPLAN EBVs.

More information

Harvey Weyman-Jones
Premium Wagyu Sale Coordinator

Contact agents

Phone 07 4669 6955 or 0414 941 788