Special entertainment at Gala dinner

SaraStorerThe 2017 Female Artist of the Year at the Tamworth Golden Guitar Awards, Sara Storer, will perform at the dinner.

Sara Storer always did feel good when it rained. Still does. That’s natural: she grew up on a wheat farm in Victoria and has been close to the land in one way or another ever since. She lives on a small rural property outside of Albury in New South Wales with husband Dave and their four young sons.

“I just have a thing for the rain, I love it,’’ she says. “When it’s raining I feel motivated, I have this energy. I think it’s even stronger in me than anyone else in the family.’’ Which is saying something when her three brothers are farmers.

So it’s no surprise that the rain, searching for it, longing for it, the renewal it brings, features so prominently in the songs on Storer’s sixth studio album, Silos.

Storer is one of Australia’s most-loved singer-songwriters, a multiple Golden Guitar winner whose crisp observations of the Australian landscape and its people provide the solid foundation stone for her music. She has seen all the beauty, joy and heartbreak this land can bring, living for a time in western Queensland, where she wrote her first song, and working as a schoolteacher in Katherine in the Northern Territory.

“I think I write at my best when I say it as I see it or feel it. If I sing about the rain on the roof it’s because we live in a little old farmhouse with a tin roof. You smell the rain coming, hear it on the roof. And I have to write that because it is the truth for me. Don’t hang around me when I’m writing a song, you will get a mention.”

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