2017 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition



The Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) is facilitating the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition at this year’s Annual Conference being held at Albury Entertainment Centre in the Albury NSW May 1 – 5, 2017. There will be four classes showcasing the leading brands in Australia promoting Wagyu beef.

The highly regarded Branded Beef Competition seeks to promote excellence in Wagyu beef production over 4 categories providing an opportunity for producers to benchmark their product. Award winners will be announced during the 2017 Wagyu Expansion AWA Conference Gala Dinner on May 2.

Entry details

Entry fees
Entry fees are payable on receipt of invoice and non-refundable once entry is accepted by the Australian Wagyu Association. All prices listed are inclusive of GST. The AWA will invoice you for the classes you have entered.

Classes 1, 2 and 3 – $500 (inc GST) per entry
Class 4  – $100 (inc GST) per entry

Delivery of exhibits
Entries in Classes 1, 2, and 3 to be delivered to Eatons Hill Hotel between 6-10 March 2017. Entries in Class 4 (Gourmet Wagyu Sausage) to be lodged no later than 5pm on 14 March 2017.

Delivery address
Attn: John Alexander, Executive Chef
Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre
646 South Pine Road
Eaton Hill QLD 4037

phone 07 3325 6777

To take place on 16 March 2017


Branded Beef Classes

Class 1 Zoetis
Fullblood Wagyu 100% class

Class 2 Bovine Dynamics
Crossbred Wagyu class

Class 3 Hughes Pastoral Company
Commercial Wagyu Steak Class (marble score 5-7)

Class 4 Johnsons Livestock Transport
Gourmet Wagyu Sausage Class

Grand Champion Wagyu Brand proudly sponsored by Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill

Branded Beef Competition enquiries

Ron Fitzgerald
Chairman, Competitions Committee

phone 0428 456 293 or email

General competition regulations and assessment criteria

  1. Exhibitors must be a member (Full Member or Associate Member) of AWA to be eligible to enter this competition.
  2. Exhibitors must state on the “Application to Enter” form the classes to be competed for. The Stewards and/or Judges may move an entry to another class if it is deemed that the entry is “out of class”
  3. Judging will be conducted by Judges appointed by the AWA.
  4. The exhibitor irrevocably consents to:
    i. The AWA publishing or reproducing in any manner whatsoever any particulars or information in relation to their exhibits; the publication or reproduction may be in printed form or visual image through electronic means and/or the internet.
    ii. The AWA conducting any tastes or analysis of any description upon the entries at the discretion of the AWA.
  5. Presentation of Awards will take place on 2 May at the AWA National Conference Gala Dinner held at the Albury Entertainment Centre, Albury, NSW.
  6. Samples to be delivered to:
    John Alexander, Executive Chef
    Eatons Hill Hotel and Function Centre
    646 South Pine Road, Eaton Hill QLD 4037
    Phone: 07 3325 6777
    Samples to be delivered between 6-10 March for Classes 1, 2, and 3 and by 5pm on 14 March for Class 5 (Gourmet Wagyu Sausage). AWA will not be responsible for any loss, damage to or misdelivery of any entry.
  7. Exhibitors agree to the publication of all competition results.
  8. All award winning entries must only use the Australian Wagyu Association medal/trophy designs. Artwork will be supplied to all prize winning exhibitors.
  9. Exhibitors of awards agree that all advertising, promotion or labelling arising from the award will include the year of awards and class description of award.
  10. Judging Criteria
    Class 1, class 2 and class 3 entries will be judged by a panel of 8 judges on:
    Visual (raw) 30 points
    Tenderness 30 points
    Flavour 30 points
    Juiciness 10 points
    Overall Liking 30 points
    Class 4 entries will be judged by a panel of 8 judges on:
    Visual Uncooked Whole 20 points
    Visual Uncooked Cut Open 5 points
    Visual BBQ Cooked Whole 20 points
    Taste 55 points

  11. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be issued to all exhibitors that have achieved the minimum score attributed to each award. These levels will be at the discretion of the judges for each class. Trophies will be awarded to all Gold Medal recipients.

  12. A Grand Champion award will be issued to the entry gaining the highest overall points from within Classes 1, 2, and 3. The Gourmet Wagyu Sausage (Class 4) WILL NOT be eligible for this award. However, the highest scoring sausage entry will be named Champion Gourmet Wagyu Sausage.

  13. In each class, only one entry per individual brand is allowed.

  14. All exhibits to become the property of the AWA.

  15. Ageing – Exhibits in Clases 1, 2, and 3 must be no longer than 50 days aged at time of judging. (e.g. no ageing prior to 27 January)

  16. Classes 1, 2, and 3 – Each exhibitor is to supply 1 x whole Striploin of H.A.M. 2140 or 2141 or 2142 or 2143, together with a copy of the carton end panel from which the entered product originated.

  17. CLASS 3 (Commercial Wagyu Steak Class marble score 5-7)
    To be eligible for this class, entries must:
    i. have been Aus-meat graded to be between marble score 5 and marble score 7.
    ii. be submitted in original carton with label.
    iii. have marble score on label.
    iv. be accompanied with a signed Statutory Declaration stating that the entry, carton & label refer to the marble score grading on the label.

  18. All entries will be subjected to Digital Analysis by the Japanese Digital Camera and any entries that have a marbling percentage significantly higher than the cutoff for marble score 7 will be excluded. CSC entries have a minimum requirement of F1 Wagyu 50% content but higher content Crossbred Wagyu or Fullblood Wagyu may be entered as well. In addition, both pasturefed and grainfed entries are acceptable in this class.

  19. Class 4 – Each exhibitor is to supply 3 x 6 pack trays of sausages. Sausages may be either “thick” or “thin” in size. Only fresh sausages are eligible – no pre or part cooked sausages are to be supplied. Sausages must be made from a minimum of 75% Wagyu trim and the Wagyu trim must be derived from Crossbred Wagyu F1 50% animals (or greater).

  20. All exhibits may be subjected to parent verification tests to ensure their Wagyu eligibility.


Australian Handbook Number

2140 = 3 Rib
2141 = 0 Rib
2142 = 1 Rib
2143 = 2 Rib

Striploin is prepared from a Hindquarter by a cut at the lumbosacral junction to the ventral portion of the Flank. The Flank is removed at a specified distance from the eye muscle (M. longissimus dorsi) at both cranial and caudal ends.


Sausages may be either “thick” or “thin” in size. Only fresh sausages are eligible – no pre or part cooked sausages are to be supplied. Sausages must be made from a minimum of 75% Wagyu trim and the Wagyu trim must be derived from Crossbred Wagyu F1 50% animals (or greater).


Visual appearance uncooked

Entries will be judged in the pack, uncooked


  • Does the product have a fresh external appearance?
  • Does the product appeal to you?
  • Does the product have good colour?
  • Is the product crinkled?
  • Is the shape distorted?
  • Is the pack presentable?

Technical composition 

One sausage from each pack will be cut in half length ways, uncooked

Bone/cartilage/blood clots  Does the product have any of these visible?

Air pockets   Is the product free from air pockets? Is the fill even throughout the sausage?

Linking and Packing  Is the sausage linked in a uniform manner? Is the packing uniformed?

Moisture Level  Does the product appear too moist or too dry?

Visual appearance cooked 

Judge during cooking


  • Does the product appeal to you?
  • Texture and Aroma?
  • Is the shape distorted?
  • Did splitting occur?
  • Did shrinkage occur?


Product taste tested

  • Is the aroma appealing to the senses?
  • Is the aroma true to a specific description?
  • Is the flavouring appealing?
  • Is the flavour true to a specified description?
  • Is the texture even throughout the entire sausage?
  • Did the taste linger with you?
  • Does the flavour meet your expectations?