Seedstock Breeders


Jason and Ann Lewis

Phone: 02 6729 4158
Fax: 02 6729 4159

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JAC Wagyu are a producer, wholesaler and retailer of Wagyu beef. Visit our website for details or if you have any questions please call.

Darley Stud

David J Bellamy

Phone: +61 (0) 422 646 758
Email:Email us
Address: Darley Stud Pty Ltd
PO Box 1643,
Chatswood, NSW 2057,

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Darley Stud specializes in the reproduction of diverse Wagyu niches producing the best in quality livestock and genetics in both embryos and semen for sale to the international market.

We breed only 100% full blood Wagyu within all niches being bred.

What separates our genetics from other breeders is the caliber and performance of our donor females blood.

Ginjo Wagyu

Mike Buchanan

Phone: + 61 2 4997 0482
Fax: + 61 2 4997 1908
Email:Email us
Address: Tea Gardens, NSW 2324

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160+ registered FB females.  Elite FB seedstock selection basis: Australian commercial feedlot performance data for FB siblings/progeny of both sires and dams, plus expert Japanese analysis. Bulls, heifers, feeders, embryos.

Goshu Wagyu Genetics

Barbara Benjamin

Phone: + 61 3 5344 8441
Fax: + 61 3 5344 8341
Email:Email us
Address: Haddon via BALLARAT, VICTORIA

In animal breeding, the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance. Not a crystal ball, but actual progeny test results from feedlots in Australia and Japan, compiled for nearly 20 years and used in the development of our elite herd.

  • Proven Females – traditional coefficient line-breeding for better performance on both sides of the pedigree.
  • Proven Sires – sought after and recommended by feedlotters after significant trials for nearly 20years.
  • Proven performance – independent carcase data from Australia and Japan confirms the superiority of Goshu Wagyu sires in Crossbred and Fullblood herds.

There are many ingredients that go towards carcase outperformance.The correct bloodlines, utilised in the correct manner, carefullyover a significant period to produce consistent high quality carcases. Not guesswork. Proof.
We specialise in Tajima Bulls, Domestic and Export Accredited Semen and Embryos.

Hastings Valley Wagyu

Trevor Petith

Phone: (02) 6585 6149
Address: Wauchope, NSW, 2446

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Black Gold Farms

Jim & Jan Jones

Phone: (07) 4782 4236
Fax: (07) 4782 4022
Email:Email us

Located in Ayr, north Qld. Fullblood black Wagyu stud and F1, F2 commercial breeders. Suppliers of Westholme Terutakahara WESFW0161 (Australia only).

Kuro Kin Wagyu

Peter Bishop

Address: Tel: (02) 6545 4157 (Peter Snr)
Tel: (02) 6545 4189 (Peter Jnr)

Scone, NSW

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Our aim at Kuro Kin Wagyu is to provide the best Wagyu bulls and genetics at the most affordable prices.

Macquarie Wagyu

Macquarie Downs

Phone: (07) 4695 5132
Address: Macquarie Downs
Leyburn, QLD 4365

Fullblood breeders and suppliers of embryos, semen and bulls.

Mazda Wagyu International Pty Ltd

Robert C Reed

Phone: (03) 5157 5380
Fax: (03) 5157 5700
Email:Email us
Address: RMB 2666 Lees Road
Mossiface, VIC 3885

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Situated in East Gippsland, MWI offers a range of all major bloodlines including exclusive red as well as black Wagyu..   Stocks of embryos, semen and livestock from proven genetics are available for local and export markets for prompt delivery.

Australian Wagyu Genetics Pty Ltd

Angus and Anne McClure

Phone: (02) 6655 8651
Fax: (02) 6651 4060
Email:Email us
Address: Thora, NSW

Fullblood black Wagyu selected for size, marbling, milking and temperament. Ten dam lines, proven bulls. Bulls, heifers and embryos for sale.

Wagyu Genetics Pty Ltd

Joe Grose

Phone: (07) 3278 4343
Email:Email us
Address: Darling Downs, QLD

Supplier of extreme quality Wagyu genetics based on carcase results sourced from 150+ FB breeding females. Embryo pregnancies, fullblood bulls, fullblood females anf fullblood semen available.

Lake Wagyu

Ken & Judy Dungey

Phone: 03 9870 8892
Fax: 03 9876 9078
Email:Email us
Address: PO Box 183

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Koolang Wagyu Australia

Jim Walsh

Phone: (03) 5482 6350
Address: Gurrundah via GUNNING NSW

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Producing bulls targeting ease of calving in heifers and solid marbling performanc. Also between 100 and 200 F1s per year. In operation since 2005.

Further Seedstock Breeders

Address: "For further Seedstock Breeder contacts conduct a Member Search via the link below and Select If: Member is a Breeder"

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Shadai Wagyu


Mobile: 0400 677 610 (Mark Ebert)
Email:Email us
Address: Shadai Wagyu
233 Morningside Road
Nagambie VIC 3608

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Shadai Wagyu is a premium seedstock producer of 100% fullblood Wagyu animals using high quality genetics proven by many years of recorded and reliable results. We offer bulls, embryos, semen, heifers and cows available for sale to the fullblood and F1 markets from Nagambie, Victoria.

Shadai Wagyu was one of the first Australian entrants into Wagyu. Since 1995 the herd has been developed using the best available Japanese genetics with an emphasis on high marbling and large frame size which is evidenced by extensive carcass data recorded in accordance with BREEDPLAN protocol.

Shadai genetics can be found within Australia’s best Wagyu herds including dams of leading AI sires. Our animals feature in the top 1% of the Wagyu breed for various traits. Our breeding philosophy focuses on replication of proven combinations based on our extensive historical data.

Irongate Wagyu

Peter Gilmour

Mobile: 0419 444 799
Email:Email us
Address: Western Australia

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Moyhu Wagyu

Bob Officer

Phone: 03 9639 0522
Mobile: 0438 391 067
Email:Email us

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Bar H Grazing

Que Hornery

Mobile: 0428 789 009
Email:Email us
Address: “Riverlea” Po Box 15
Comet QLD 4702

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Sumo Wagyu

Simon Coates

Mobile: +61 0 438 200 294
Email:Email us
Address: Sumo Wagyu
117 McMullen Road
Brookfield QLD 4069

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With a rich history in producing fullblood Wagyu genetics since 1997, Sumo Wagyu principal and veterinarian Simon Coates has a vast knowledge of wagyu bloodlines. His goal to produce the most genetically elite Wagyu herd outside Japan has been proven with Sumo progeny setting new benchmarks in the beef industry.

Sumo Wagyu sires continue to achieve outstanding fullblood terminal indices and are predominantly in the top percentage of Wagyu sires.

Sumo Wagyu continues to remain a market leader in supplying premium bulls, semen, embryos and females to the fullblood Wagyu and F1 markets.

Circle 8 Bulls

Jeremy Cooper

Phone: 0427 549 261
Email:Email us
Address: ‘Tangryang’
50 Marulan South Road
Marulan NSW 2679

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Delta Wagyu

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Delta Wagyu is a family owned and operated business based in the foothills of the Barrington Tops, North of Singleton. We have our own commercial herd, and have been breeding stud cattle for long enough to understand the needs and desires of our partners and clients. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business and hope that we have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

Oasis Collection Centre Pty Ltd

Sharon Oates

Phone: 03 5678 3228
Mobile: 0417 101 998
Email:Email us
Address: 631 Glen Alvie Road,
Glen Alvie Road, Victoria