2015 World Wagyu Conference


Pictured above: LOADING UP AT BAR H Two Hornery semi’s meant tourists had a great look at the Bar H herd. 


The World Wagyu Conference and Pride of Australia Outback Wagyu Tour conducted by the Australian Wagyu Association in May was the largest gathering of the Wagyu industry ever outside Japan. Close to 400 delegates from 15 countries followed proceedings which covered the Wagyu industry from the latest genetic revelations through to high-end dining with many surprises and discoveries, with 120 boarding three coaches to visit five major central Queensland Wagyu operations. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PROGRAM

A concise conference summary by AWA CEO Graham Truscott titled ‘Findings, Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions’ provided an event wrap. This Powerpoint plus others from the conference are now available.


Graham Truscott – Findings, opportunities and challenges
Graham Truscott – Future of Wagyu in Australia
Graham Truscott – Wagyu skills workshop
Alex McDonald – Interpreting Wagyu Breeding Values and Index

Pete Eshelman – Wagyu – from concept to consumption
Rocco Mesiano – Luxury dining with Wagyu
Russell Lyons – UQs Animal Genetics Laboratory
Sam Gill – Wagyu Genetics Development
Sally Lloyd – Selecting Wagyu for health
Don McGauchie – AACo Chairman     Speech Transcript
Michael Beattie – World Wagyu Congress meeting

ACTION AT CONFERENCE DINNER – The ‘sold-out’ sign went up weeks before the conference with almost 400 in attendance.