AWA Constitution and Strategic Plan

The Australian Wagyu Association 2017 Constitution

The 2017 Australian Wagyu Association Constitution V1.0 is a verified complete and accurate record of the 2017 Australian Wagyu Association Constitution circulated to members in the 2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting. 

This 2017 Constitution was passed by 75% majority at the 2017 Australian Wagyu Association Annual general meeting on the 20th of November 2017 and came in to effect as the new Australian Wagyu Association Constitution at the close of the Annual General Meeting according to the following resolution:

“That the 2017 Australian Wagyu Association Constitution, as circulated with the papers for the Associations 2017 AGM, be adopted as the 2017 Constitution of the company in place of the current constitution, with effect from the close of the meeting.”

Download a copy of the AWA Constitution (PDF – 917 kb)

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The Australian Wagyu Association Board has collaborated with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management throughout 2019 to deliver the direction and priorities for the organisation through the new AWA 2020 -2025 Strategic Plan.

Throughout its development, we have updated our understanding of how the industry has evolved in the past five years, and how we need to respond to our future challenges and the implications these will have on how we operate.

The AWA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 has been developed alongside the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2030.  The Board has committed to a new corporate focus on serving its member to “Support, Promote and Advance Wagyu Production”.

To achieve this, a new set of Corporate Goals and Values by which the association will deliver its business plans has been developed.

To recognise the links between the AWA and members that span the full Wagyu supply chain, the AWA has evolved its tagline and bulls-head logo to capture the position for Wagyu as ‘advancing the world’s luxury beef”.

Download the Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025 (pdf  673kb)