Wagyu Fellowship

2019 Wagyu Fellowship program – open now

A Wagyu Fellowship is a remarkable opportunity to travel intrastate, interstate or overseas for a minimum of four and a maximum of about eight weeks to research a topic that you are passionate about and experience in. Any Australian Wagyu Association Full or Associate member is eligible to nominate an individual or group of individuals aged 18+ years for this program.

Applications are being accepted now for the 2019 Wagyu Fellowship program. Submissions will close 15 March 2019.

How to apply

Objectives of the program are to develop younger leaders for the Wagyu industry; increase the education, experience and skills within the Wagyu industry; develop lasting friendships across the international Wagyu industry and advance knowledge and learning in the Wagyu industry.

Applications for the Wagyu Fellowship are now being called with the closing date 15 March 2019. Download an application form (PDF – 3 mb)

To enter, download and complete the application form using a free copy of Acrobat Reader. Please ensure that you print, sign and date the form before returning to the AWA office via email or fax.



Q. What is a Wagyu Fellowship?

A Wagyu Fellowship is a remarkable opportunity to travel intrastate, interstate or overseas for a minimum of four and a maximum of about eight weeks to conduct research into a topic that you are passionate about and have experience in. Every application is assessed based on merit, a demonstrated need for the proposed research, the perceived benefit to Australia and a willingness to share the overseas findings and knowledge with the Australian and international Wagyu community.

Q. Who can apply?

Any Australian Wagyu Association Full or Associate member can nominate an individual or group of individuals over the age of 18 years provided they can demonstrate a suitable level of achievement in the field of the proposed project.

Q. What type of projects are suitable?

Any projects that can be shown to be of value to the Wagyu industry will be considered.  This may include any sector of the Wagyu supply/value chain and may include interests such as genetics, breeding, production, nutrition, processing, marketing, history and healthy eating.   

Q. When can I apply and when do applications close?

Applications open on 1 December each year and close on 15 March the following year.

Q. Am I too old/too young?

You must be over 18 years at the time of application. There is no upper age limit for the award of a Wagyu Fellowship, however, preference will be given to younger applicants with demonstrated ability for future achievement in and contribution to your particular field is taken into consideration.

Q. Do I need any qualifications to apply for a Fellowship?

No. There are no academic or tertiary qualifications required in order to apply for a Fellowship.

Q. If I am studying at a tertiary institution can I still apply?

Yes provided that your proposed project is directly related to the Wagyu industry and you can demonstrate past achievement in the field of the proposed project.

Q. I am already a Wagyu Fellow – can I apply again?

No. Only one Wagyu Fellowship per lifetime!

Q. I have already started the project I am applying for – is that okay?

Yes. You can apply for funding for a project that you have already embarked on.

Q. I am already overseas can I still apply?

Yes. However, you must be available to personally attend an interview (or interviews) by telephone or electronically eg Skype at any time during February and March.

Q. If I am called for interview (or interviews) but can’t make it can I be interviewed at an alternative time?

Yes. The Selection Panel will attempt to rearrange the interview schedules to accommodate your time availability.

Q. Can I apply for funding to complete a project within Australia?

Yes. Wagyu Fellowships are for intrastate, interstate and overseas travel.

Q. How much is a Fellowship worth?

The amount of money awarded for every Fellowship is
different as it is calculated based on the airfares and other travel, accommodation and project costs.
The total Fellowship funding will not exceed $10,000.

Q. Will you pay my salary while I’m away?

No. Employers can continue salary for Wagyu Fellows while they are on their Fellowship or if you are a student this Fellowship is considered an ongoing part of your studies.

Q. Can I travel in the year of application?

Yes. Final selections are made in late March of each year and successful applicants can travel from 1 April in the year of award through to end March the following year.

Q. How long can I go for?

The duration of a Fellowship must be a minimum of four weeks and is generally a maximum of approximately eight weeks. Slightly longer itineraries are not precluded if justified. Additional time spent interstate or overseas is allowed but time and costs outside the approved duration of the Fellowship will be at the applicant’s own expense.

Q. Will you tell me where to go and what to do?

No. Where you go and what you do is entirely your responsibility. The project and itinerary must be completed on your original application for a Wagyu Fellowship.

Q. Do I need a firm commitment from people I wish to see overseas?

Not on initial application but you will be required to provide this if you are successful.

Q. How do I apply?

All applications must use the application form provided which will include the nominating AWA member, your details, a description of the project, travel times and contacts and costs for flights and other travel, accommodation and project costs.

Q. Can I apply for a Fellowship with someone else or as a group?

Yes. Wagyu Fellowships are awarded to individuals or groups with the individuals in the group to be clearly specified.

Q. Can I submit more than one application?

No. You may only submit one application. If you are not successful you can reapply in future years.

Q. Can I put in a late application?

No. The closing date is absolute. The selection process follows a strict timeline and no late applications are accepted for any reason.

Q. What are my chances of success?

Every year varies slightly but nationally the Association typically will receive a considerable number of applications per year and awards Wagyu Fellowships depending on the number, quality and project focus of applications received.

Q. If I am successful how long do I have to complete the Fellowship?

If successful you must depart on the Fellowship during the 12 months from 1 April in the year of the award until 31 March of the following year. In some circumstances, Wagyu Fellowships may be deferred at the discretion of the Association.

Q. Will I have to provide a report?

Yes. Each Fellow or a representative from a group of Fellows must provide a comprehensive report describing the project, travel and outcomes to the AWA Board.

A 30-minute presentation including questions must also be presented to the Wagyu Conference and tour held in May.