A varied and interesting tour on Thursday May 5 and Friday May 6 will follow the Wagyu Revolution Conference at the Hunter Valley’s Crowne Plaza on May 3 and 4.

Three modern coaches have been booked as has accommodation in Tamworth on the evening of May 5. The coaches return to Crowne Plaza around 6 pm on Friday May 6.

The tour costs include:

TRANSPORT – from and back to Crowne Plaza, Lovedale, Hunter Valley.

MEALS – lunches May 5 and 6, dinner May 5, breakfast May 6 plus light refreshments.

ACCOMMMODATION –  at Tamworth May 5.

Any other accommodation and transport costs are the responibility of the tour participants.

A limited number of tour places are still available. Book online through the ‘Events’ portal.

THURSDAY MAY 5 at 7 am

depart Crowne Plaza
430 Wine Country Drive
Lovedale NSW 2325

8:15 am to 11:15 am including morning tea.

Delta Wagyu
2995 Mirannie Road
Singleton NSW 2330

Steve Binnie
02 6577 8512
0403 261 534

The DELTA WAGYU visit will comprise of three separate sessions.

  1. Breeding goals
  2. Farm walk to inspect cattle
  3. Data collection demonstration with Practical Systems and Carel Teseling.

The historic Binnie property has been successfully breeding beef cattle seedstock for 100 years and after much research and investigation has recently decided to move into the Wagyu industry with both black and red lines.

The 600 metre circular walk will view 11 mobs totalling 300 females in specially constructed pens to include black and red Wagyu, an exciting Poll line, Hereford recipients with Wagyu calves,and F1s out of Hereford cows.

A feature of this visit will be a real time data collection demonstration utilising Practical Systems software. Vision will be wirelessly streamed to a large screen in  a barn with emphasis on automatic data capture and management and performance recording. Presenters to include Stephen Binnie, Mark Morton (Practical Systems) and Carel Teseling.

1:15 pm to 5 pm including lunch of MS 9 Wagyu.

Kuro Kin Wagyu
4631 Bunnan Road
Scone NSW 2337

Peter & Philippa Bishop
02 6545 4189
0429 454 189

At KURO KIN WAGYU Peter Bishop will describe their production business, how they got involved in Wagyu and reveal some exciting future plans.

Peter will also explain how they run run the farm and their Wagyu operation in an efficient and practical manner, and how they manage a large Wagyu crossbred operation alongside a successful Wagyu seedstock business stressing the importance of Performance recording to design seedstock and produce bulls for the industry.

The 8500 acres property, held by the Bishop family for 110 years, runs 1000 Angus cows producing F1s and 300 registered and performance recorded Wagyu breeders. All females on the property are joined to Wagyu bulls.

Nearby yards will hold Fullblood bull and female weaners, F1 weaners and a couple of sires. Gross margins involving the prices commercial Wagyu and Wagyu crosses are bringing compared to traditional cattle will be discussed.


Ibis Style, Tamworth, with spillover to Ashby House across road from Ibis Style which is at  89-90 Ebsworth Street, Tamworth NSW 2340

8 am to 12 noon including lunch of Jack’s Creek Wagyu.

Jack’s Creek/Warmoll Foods ‘Merrigal’
5538 Kamilaroi Hway,
Breeza NSW 2381

Patrick Warmoll
07 5575 7244
0437 445 868

To produce the JACK’S CREEK brands, the Warmoll family operates three Hunter Valley/Liverpool Plains properties covering 32,000 acres. This visit is to the Breeza property, with plenty of cattle, large cropping operations and on the edge of controversial coal mining development.

Patrick, David and Phillip will all give presentations on different aspects of the Jack’s Creek operation. They run 1200 Angus and F1 breeders. The cattle with a minimum F2 Wagyu content are fed at Maydan up to 450 days while F1s are fed 300 days.

Groups will remain in the three coaches and rotate around the various presentation sites including inspection of F1 and F2 weaners, cotton harvesting and feed production.

A highlight will be a demonstration of boning out a Wagyu carcase by Casino’s Victor Rixion. Jack’s Creek’s Middle East and Japanese experts (Fawaz and Hiuchi) will demonstrate the cuts popular in these areas.

12:30 pm to 3 pm including afternoon tea.

Killara Feedlot,
Bundella Road,
Quirindi, NSW 2343

Tony Fitzgerald
02 6746 1700
0427 937 466

The Elders owned Killara Feedlot is home for 3000 custom fed Wagyu for  various clients including Jack’s Creek, Dairy Beef Alliance and the McClure family. The 20,000 head capacity operation also feeds 13,000 head for 61 days for a supermarket chain.

Visitors will remain on the three coaches and three Killara reps (Tony Fitzgerald, operations manager, Andrew Talbot, marketing manager and Brag Rigney, livestock manager) will rotate between the coaches to explain various parts of the operation.

There will some good examples of finished cattle fed for 300 to 400 days with fullbloods coming off at 660 to 680 kgs and F1s at around 750 kgs,

Return to Crowne Plaza arriving no earlier than 6 pm.

Drop off stops if requested on the way for people not needing to travel back to Crowne Plaza, Rose Lee Park at Quirindi has parking spots. Also a comfort stop will be need half way between Killara and Crowne Plaza.

Arrive 6 pm. Option to stay overnight at Crowne Plaza at own expense.