AWA response to ACCC

President and Board Chairman Scott de Bruin has advised the ACCC, in response to their advice, that as the peak body for the Wagyu industry in Australia, AWA is an advocate for truth in labelling.

As such the AWA has developed Trade Descriptions to assist AWA members on how best to describe beef derived from Wagyu cattle. The Trade Descriptions are based around the breed content of the live animal.

These Trade Descriptions are also endorsed by the peak body for national industry standards in meat production and processing AUS-MEAT, under its raising claims protocol.

The AWA will continue to communicate with our members regarding labelling through the use of the Trade Descriptions and developments regarding the ACCC inquiry. The Australian Wagyu Association will be pleased to cooperate with the ACCC during the course of its inquiry.

The Australian Wagyu Association encourages all members to use the Wagyu Breed Trade Descriptions when referring to Wagyu cattle or meat; and to cooperate with the ACCC throughout this inquiry.

Media Contact:

Scott de Bruin
President and Board Chairman
Mobile: 0408 899 011
Mayura Station, Millicent, South Australia