AWA Wagyu Fellowship & Scholarship 2020 now open

Since 2017, the Australian Wagyu Fellowship has been available to AWA members to undertake short projects for the improvement of the Wagyu Industry and development of young industry participants.  Applications for the 2020 Wagyu Fellowship program are now open.

The AWA is also delighted to announce the introduction of the Wagyu Fellowship – Scholarship program.  This program is designed to encourage post-graduate students to focus their work on the Wagyu industry and advance the world’s luxury beef – Wagyu.

The Wagyu Fellowship – Scholarship program aims to facilitate research and training in areas that are beneficial to the Australian Wagyu industry through genetics, nutrition, production and meat science.


Past Wagyu Fellowship recipient Samantha Connolly furthered her post-graduate studies in advancing IVF techniques for Wagyu cattle


Provided as a ‘top up’ or ‘technical grant’ for students already receiving remuneration and are, or will be, undertaking post graduate studies in these areas, the scholarship will provide further support to fund research activities undertaken by the student.

The Scholarship is complementary to the Wagyu Fellowship, to allow students to undertake research for the advancement of Wagyu to share with industry, while the Fellowship is open to applicants not engaged in tertiary study.

The Wagyu Fellowship Program provides funding for Scholarships of up to $10,000 per year, for a maximum of two years for a Masters or three years for a PhD.

“The introduction of the Scholarship in conjunction with the Fellowship enables far greater research into Wagyu for the long-term improvement of the Australian industry,” said AWA CEO, Dr Matt McDonagh.

“As an Association, we are looking forward to fostering the development of our younger members and students studying in areas of core interest to the Wagyu industry.  We look forward to working with them to grow their knowledge and the industry benefits from the sharing of this knowledge and the insights gained from it.”

Funding for the Wagyu Fellowship and Scholarship is generated through the generous support of the Wagyu industry through the annual conference Charity Auction. A highlight of the WagyuEdge conference, items are donated for the Auction, final bidding is an enjoyable part of the Gala Dinner. The funds are shared evenly between the Wagyu Fellowship program and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Applications are now open for the Wagyu Fellowship or Scholarship funding, and close 27th March, 2020.

For more information, refer to the AWA website