Breeding Wagyu


Why breed Wagyu?

Wagyu is a unique breed that has amongst its key attributes, other than the exquisite marbled beef quality, a high calving ease, excellent (docile) temperament, resilient in the feedlot and has a high (dressing percentage) carcase yield. Most important is the economic value derived from each animal, which is currently 100% more than pastoral cattle, sold at either the farm gate or as a long fed carcase. 

Wagyu breeding requires patience as it takes time to build up a viable herd and end markets, this then becomes your own economic moat.


Benefits of registration 

Recording Wagyu and Wagyu cross cattle and their performance data in the Herd Book, Crossbred and Wagyu Commercial Registers maintained by the Association provides very significant commercial value.

Herdbook registration (parent verified) benefits include

  • The Herdbook is recognised internationally, enabling both domestic and export marketing of Herdbook registered livestock and their semen and embryos.
  • Herdbook dam premium: 50% – 200+%, estimated by the commercial value of Wagyu females being in the order of $800, while their Herdbook value is in the order of $1200 – $2400+
  • Herdbook bull premium: 60% – 270+%, estimated by non-registered Wagyu bulls at 12 months of age being valued in the order of $1225 (meat value $3.50 * 350 kgs = $1225), while their Herdbook value is in the order of $2000 – $4500+

Wagyu commercial registered (non-parent verified) benefits include

  • Commercially registered steer or female premium: 15%, estimated by non-registered Wagyu steers 12 months of age being valued at $900 (meat value $3.00 * 300 kgs live = $900, while commercial registered value is in the order of $1050 ($3.50 * 300 kgs live = $1050)
  • Export certification of live animals through ILRIC/ACGEA (service fee of $25/head applies)
  • Export certification of semen and embryos (service fee of $75/animal applies).

Member benefits and how to register animals with the AWA

Become a member 

How the registration process works 

Workshop series of ‘How to’ videos

The AWA have created a workshop series of short ‘how to’ videos with tips on how to become a member with the AWA and the complete animal registration process, understand genetic testing, BREEDPLAN, EBV’s, Stockbook Herd Management software, how to order tags and TUS’s online and much more.

These walkthroughs are perfect for visual learners who would prefer to watch a video to understand important Wagyu breed concepts and the AWA registration processes. Check out the workshop series below!


DNA testing

Learn about how DNA testing is completed.

AWA registration process

Instructional video on how to complete a registration form and submit to the AWA.

Performance recording and DNA testing

This video covers more detail about performance recording and recording this data.

Collecting Performance Information

A description of the production traits you can collect and how to submit the data to the AWA for genetic analysis.

How to manage scours in Wagyu cattle

In this segment Enoch Bergman challenges the way you think about and manage scours. This workshop presentation provides practical, relatable and scientifically grounded methods for the cause of scours and how to go about managing scours in Wagyu cattle