Animal registrations

How does the registration process work?

Registration is a two-stage process – Becoming a member and cattle registration

  1. Calf is born
  2. DNA samples are taken – tail hairs or TSU (tissue), Learn more about how to take a sample here (see the AWA Member Guide for details)
  3. Samples are sent to the DNA laboratory. To see current affiliated DNA test labs, download the list
  4. Samples are tested to prove sire and dam
  5. AWA registers your animals
  6. AWA checks your rego file matches the DNA results from the DNA lab – we do not accept DNA results from members – they MUST come directly from the DNA lab to be accepted
  7. Send AWA a registration file via email or by submitting registrations via the AWA website
  8. Positive PV Results are sent from the laboratory to AWA and the person who took the samples
  9. An invoice will be sent to acknowledge registration of the animal, along with the registration certificate.
  10. Genetic condition testing can be completed
  11. Collect weight and trait data and submit this to BREEDPLAN to improve the accuracy of the EBVs