DNA samples from overseas

INSTRUCTIONS – Submitting Tail Hairs for DNA Analysis from overseas countries

Members may submit tail hair samples from an overseas country to the University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory (UQ AGL) for parent verification and genetic condition analysis.

Import Permit
UQ AGL holds an Import Permit which covers the importation of such DNA material through condition numbers: PC0992, PC0701 and (PC1649 or PC0506). A copy of the Import Permit is provided here.

Depending on the country you are sending from, the samples may need to be irradiated before they are sent to UQ AGL. The Department of Agriculture Quarantine Services will make that determination. UQ AGL has an Agreement for Irradiation Services and if determined necessary the samples will be irradiated on your behalf. If any charges result from this they will be passed on the you via UQ AGL. New Zealand is exempt from irradiation. Irradiation also may not be needed from the United Kingdom.

Sample submission
Place the hair samples and relevant paperwork inside an unsealed envelope addressed to:

Animal Genetics Laboratory
School of Veterinary Science
Building 8114
The University of Queensland
Gatton QLD Australia 4343

Enclose this package in a larger envelope, addressed and posted directly to the Department of Agriculture (previously AQIS). You will need to secure the UQ AGL Import Permit (IP14004683) to the outside of this envelope.

Department of Agriculture
Brisbane Airport Logistic Centre
42-44 Qantas Drive

Once samples are posted send UQ AGL an email at cattledna@uq.edu.au of parcel contents and who they are from so that they know the parcel is coming and can follow up with Department of Agriculture if there is an extended delay.
Any samples that come direct to UQ AGL will be sent to Department of Agriculture for inspection and will result in a delay of your testing.

For further details see Sending Samples to Australia from Overseas or call UQ AGL on +61 7 5460 1960.