Genetics and polled Wagyu

Wagyu are a unique cattle breed that is characterised by exceptional marbling qualities.

Ongoing research into Wagyu genetics has enabled the breed to promote those marbling qualities, as well as improving yield and breeding traits.

All breeds of cattle, including Wagyu, are prone to undesirable genetic conditions. Fortunately, advances in molecular genetics have facilitated the development of DNA tests for their management. Breed Societies are at the forefront of the development of strategies to manage genetic conditions and seedstock members are leading the industry with their uptake of this technology.

The key inherited recessive genetic conditions in Wagyu:

  • Spherocystosis,
  • Chediak Higashi Syndrome,
  • Claudin 16 Deficiency and
  • Factor XI Deficiency.

Polled Wagyu have been known, generally not in fullblood cattle, but crossed with other breeds can carry the polled gene.

Learn more…. download the Genetic Conditions in Wagyu Fact Sheet (PDF – 373kb)