DNA Parent Verification

An AWA DNA Test Request must be filled out before sending samples to the lab. It is critical you download the most up-to-date copy of this form from our website each time you submit a form. Download the latest DNA Test Request form from here.

We are unable to receive any other form (e.g. GAA/AGL form) due to formatting issues when we import the form into our system. During this changeover period we frequently improve the form, so please ensure you download the newest version of the DNA Test Request before you complete it.

Steps in the DNA testing process

  1. Email the electronic DNA Test Request form as an excel form to dna@wagyu.org.au
  2. When the AWA receives your DNA Test Request form, a Member Services Officer (MSO) will check the details offering any advice needed to you in order to complete the form correctly.
  3. Once completed, the DNA Test Request form will be loaded into our system.
    The AWA will submit your completed DNA Test Request form to the lab for processing and you will be invoiced by the AWA for this testing. Please note: in the past Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs) were only single-use DNA samples. However, with new equipment installed, NAA can now use TSUs for multiple DNA extractions.
  4. You will receive an acknowledgement letter when the DNA Test Request form has been submitted.  The next step is to print and post this letter along with your collected samples directly to the lab.
  5. When the lab has completed its testing, results will be sent to the AWA. A member of the MSO team will load the results into the AWA system. SNP parent verification and parent discovery are now done by the AWA office, loaded into our system and reported to you.
  6. CWT tests require further analysis, which could take another week to be completed. Once CWT results are available, it gets loaded into our system and reported to you. All MiP PV’s and additional testing will be completed and reported by the lab to you and AWA.