DNA testing process, SNP and MiP parent verification and CWT results

Recently the DNA Testing Process has been streamlined to enable members to have more traceability of their requests and enabling the AWA to correlate results to these requests more efficiently. Members are asked to adhere to the following process when submitting requests for DNA Testing.

It’s critical that you download the latest Excel copy of the DNA Test Request Form each time you request a DNA test. Please ensure the Member Agreement area is completed before submitting the form to the AWA.

We are unable to receive any other form (e.g. GAA/AGL form) due to formatting issues when we import the form into our system. During this changeover period we frequently improve the form, so please ensure you download the newest version of the DNA Test Request before you complete it.

Steps to the DNA testing process

  1. Collect your samples. 

  2. Download the DNA Test Request Form as an Excel spreadsheet. Complete and email to the AWA.

    When the AWA receives your DNA Test Request Form, a Member Services Officer (MSO) will check the details offering any advice to you needed in order to complete the form correctly.

  3. The AWA will load your completed DNA Test Request Form into our system and submit it to the lab for processing. The AWA will invoice you for this testing.

  4. You will be emailed an acknowledgement letter with a batch number identifier when the DNA Test Request Form has been submitted to the lab.

  5. Print and post this acknowledgement letter along with your collected samples directly to the lab.

  6. If you’re submitting ‘DONE’ samples (those already stored at the lab), you do not have to print this letter and send to the lab. The paperwork sent from the AWA to the lab will begin your testing process.

  7. The lab sends the results to the AWA once testing is complete.


Results from DNA testing


Once the lab has completed its testing, results are sent to the AWA. A member of the AWA’s MSO team will load the results into AWA’s system and email the results to you.

SNP parent verification (PV) and parent discovery
The AWA completes SNP PV and parent discovery. Results are loaded into our system and reported to you. Allow up to a week for this to be completed once the AWA receive the results from the lab.


All MiP PV’s and additional testing (e.g. Recessive genetic conditions) will be completed and reported by the lab to you and AWA. Please be aware that the lab may send interim results as they are completed. This may mean you receive results in multiple files over the reporting period.


CWT tests require further analysis. An additional week may be needed to complete testing after the AWA receives the results from the lab.

When CWT results are available, they are loaded into AWA’s system and reported to you.

How to use the results from DNA testing

Members use the parent verification or Crossbred Wagyu Test results for registration using AWA’s registration form

A summary of the DNA Testing Process

Download a guide to the DNA testing process (PDF – 237kb)