Wagyu Content Register

What is WCR?

The Wagyu Content Register (WCR) is available for the registration of breeding animals with Wagyu genetic content which cannot be DNA parent verified, so cannot be registered in the AWA Herdbook. Base animals from another breed can be registered in the WCR and crossed with a registered fullblood or purebred sire to produce a crossbred Wagyu F1 50%. That progeny can then be also registered in the WCR. So each successive generation can also be registered in the WCR, without the requirement for DNA parent verification.

Alternatively, an animal with no known parents but with claimed Wagyu content can have its Wagyu genetic content determined through the Crossbred Wagyu Test, then registered in the WCR with the percentage Wagyu content as specified by the test.

This much needed service will see rapid growth as many animals previously excluded from the very real capital value benefits of AWA registration can now enter the WCR. These breeding animals can have their performance data recorded for inclusion in Wagyu BREEDPLAN genetic analysis, and provided with Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs).

The rules governing the Wagyu Content Register may be found in the Bylaws.