Objective carcase measurement


Wagyu is renowned for its exceptional eating experience and is due principally to its unique intramuscular fat characteristics. The degree and quality of the fat distribution is what determines the quality of Wagyu and its demand by consumers.

For Wagyu beef, brand promise is everything. For brand owners, brand recognition represents a known quality, and part of the key to that story is the level of marbling. Therefore, accurate grading of marbling gives consumers and brand owners clarity and confidence in the brand and the eating experience.

Currently, qualified meat graders assess beef carcases parameters including carcase weight, P8 fat depth, dentition, ossification, pH, intramuscular fat content (marble score), meat colour, fat colour and eye muscle area. Voluntary additional values can also be included to define the eating quality under Meat Standards Australia.

For Wagyu, those grading levels may fall short of the true levels that can be achieved with high-quality Wagyu beef.

Employment of the MIJ objective carcase camera enhances the accuracy of marbling and ribeye area measurements to provide the supply chain with greater confidence in meat quality for Australian Wagyu.

Learn more about how the MIJ-30 objective camera performs, download the fact sheet  (PDF – 1mb)