News Archive 2018 WagyuEdge Conference & Tour

31 May 2018

WagyuEdge 2018 conference

The Australian Wagyu Association annual conference, WagyuEdge 2018 has been met with enthusiasm and approval by those who attended. In... View Article

18 May 2018

A humble man bestowed with Wagyu’s Hall of Fame

The Wagyu industry is increasingly becoming more prominent and recognised as a premium beef breed due in part to the... View Article

7 May 2018

Champions of Branded Wagyu Beef

The 2018 Branded Beef Competition Awards conducted by the Australian Wagyu Association were presented at the annual conference, #WagyuEdge, on... View Article

7 May 2018

Elite Wagyu Sale sees some big wins and bids

The 2018 Elite Wagyu Sale was held at the closure of the annual Australian Wagyu Association’s annual conference, WagyuEdge in... View Article

4 May 2018

“Be part of something” RMAC chair urges Wagyu conference delegates

Cattle breeders who do not align with a branded beef supply chain would be doomed to be price-takers forever, Red... View Article

23 Apr 2018

The art of fatty acids

What makes wagyu so characteristically delicious? Marbling, or more specifically intramuscular fat content. Are there genetic markers in wagyu that... View Article

23 Apr 2018

The Wagyu eating experience

Fancy a good quality wagyu steak? You have come to the right place! The #WagyuEdge 2018 conference will be well... View Article

20 Apr 2018

Conference to cover full spectrum of Wagyu production

A few words with our CEO, Dr Matt McDonagh  As CEO of the AWA, our annual conference is the key... View Article

18 Apr 2018

Leading the way in improved Wagyu and brand recognition

Most in the industry would know Scott from his tenure as President with the Wagyu Association, but for newcomers to... View Article

21 Mar 2018

How Australia can own the Wagyu industry globally

Australia can take ownership of Wagyu beef production globally based on its advantageous production systems and the ongoing growth in... View Article

20 Mar 2018

Elite brands flex their muscles in Wagyu branded beef competition

With individual Wagyu steak serves now selling for up to $600 in metropolitan city restaurants, the task of judging the... View Article

19 Mar 2018

Wagyu producers to use Beef 2018 as rallying-point for conference

Wagyu industry stakeholders from across Australia and overseas will use Rockhampton’s Beef Australian 2018 event as a rallying-point this year,... View Article

9 Mar 2018

Exciting list of speakers added to program

The AWA is pleased to announce some of our day one speakers who will be sharing their insights at the... View Article

12 Feb 2018

Preorder conference merchandise

Save time this year and preorder your AWA embroidered conference shirt when you register. We will have it ready for you to... View Article

31 Jan 2018

Two-day tour to visit significant Wagyu operations

Running from May 5 and 6, 2018 the post Wagyu Edge Conference tour will stop in Rockhampton where delegates may... View Article

25 Jan 2018

Bonus workshop announced

The Wagyu Edge Conference & Tour to be held in Mackay at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre (MECC) will... View Article

15 Jan 2018

Day trips while staying in Mackay

Mackay will be the host city for the 2018 Wagyu Edge Conference. A coastal city nestled on the banks of... View Article

9 Jan 2018

Immerse yourself in a ‘Wagyu Week’

2018 Wagyu Edge Conference & Tour Planning well advanced for the conference that will run from May 2 to 4 with... View Article