Conference program released bringing together Wagyu supply chain and industry specialists

Anticipation is building in the lead-up to the Australian Wagyu Association’s annual conference, WagyuEdge: Building Integrity.

With just on two months to go, the much-anticipated WagyuEdge: Building Integrity Conference Program has now been released for what has become a noteworthy event in the beef industry calendar.

The Conference aims to bring together the Wagyu supply chain to learn and network with peers and industry specialists, with the aim of improving knowledge of and for, the industry. The event is also an opportunity to celebrate our successes, with the announcement of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition winners, the Elite Wagyu National Sale and this year, 2019, marking the 30th Anniversary of the Association.

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What can delegates expect?


  • 30 years of Association, Keith Hammond, Island Wagyu was our third president and will take us through the early days of establishing a Wagyu industry in Australia
  • Future Wagyu Feeders: a cross-section of feedlot identities will present their thoughts on where their individual operations are headed for Wagyu, before coming together in a Panel forum to discuss the industry as a whole.


  • Our opening keynote speaker, AACo CEO, Hugh Killen will lend his insights into brand strategy and genetics in a global market. Adding to that global knowledge is MLA’s Japan and Korea representative, Andrew Cox and Japanese consultant Mr Tadaharu (Bully) Kohno
  • ALFA President, Bryce Camm will outline feedlot industry projections and Wagyu trends, while consultant Gina Lincoln will take us through a whole of life approach to Wagyu health.


  • There is no doubt that firsthand experience gives invaluable lessons, and Jac Wagyu and Heartbrand USA are well respected in their brand promise and approach to producing quality Wagyu beef.
  • The final presentation of the Conference will be led by our closing Keynote Speaker, the Hon Mr Simon Crean, who will talk about the imperatives of effective advocacy and having a meaningful national presence in terms of politics and policymakers. Mr Crean will then lead a Panel discussion on how the future of Wagyu can be sustainable.

But there is more!

As with previous AWA conferences, delegates will be given the opportunity to experience what Wagyu beef is all about – an exceptional eating experience.

The first evening Welcome Dinner is a relaxed atmosphere to give an opportunity to catch up with those in the industry. The Gala Dinner on Day 2 is more glamorous and formal where the focus in on the annual Charity Auction and winners of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition. Day 3 luncheon is a celebration of those winners with a tasting BBQ to close off the Conference.

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For those interested in the Elite Wagyu National Sale, the online and live auction kicks off at 3 pm. Interest from vendors means that the number of Lots entered has exceeded capacity including the top 5% of Wagyu genetics and special interest groups such as polled or rare genetics.

If you have not had the opportunity to sit back and enjoy southern Australia, the optional Tour for delegates is a must.

Visiting Mayura Station and Sher Wagyu in South Australia and Victoria, it is a great way to wind down after a busy conference. Seats are limited and filling quickly, it is recommended that bookings be made soon. Wrap yourself in Conference Merchandise and relax, it is all taken care of.