Wagyu Edge conference videos


The 2019 Wagyu Edge Conference drew a large crowd of Wagyu industry representatives from all states and overseas discovering more about the Wagyu breed.

Videos of the 2019 conference speakers and presentations are available now. Download and play the complete series as often as you like for AU $250 or stream selected videos for 72 hours at the cost of AU $15/video.

If you were a 2019 conference delegate, contact the AWA office for details on how you can access the complete series for free.

The Wagyu Workshop ‘How to’ video series is available for free covering topics such as how to manage scours in Wagyu cattle, performance recording, DNA testing and the AWA registration process. Use the link below to stream any of these videos.

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2019 Video Series

#WagyuEdge: Building Integrity - 2019 Wagyu Conference - Adelaide, SA May 2019.

Bringing together a host of well-regarded speakers, local and international members and affiliated businesses, the 2019 Conference builds on the integrity of the Wagyu breed, genetics, brands and reputation.

The breadth of presentations covers tools for breeding, feedlot know-how, maximising the production systems and, in acknowledgement of the Association’s 30-year history we hear from industry leaders of their experiences from the early days to now.

2018 Video Series

#WagyuEdge - 2018 Wagyu Conference - Mackay, QLD May 2018.

2018 speakers explored the growing markets for Wagyu beef in Australia and overseas with some of the industry’s biggest names explaining how to make the most of the expanding market.

The importance of marbling and melting points is discussed by leading scientists along with demonstrations and explanations about fullblood breeding, optimising long fed programs to maximise the performance of your herd.

2017 Video Series

2017 Wagyu conference - Wagyu Expansion - Albury, NSW May 2017.

The smart money is flowing into the Wagyu industry. Find out why and discover the business expertise being used plus the science of breeding more productive and efficient cattle that produce beef of superb eating quality is charging ahead.

2016 Video Series

The 15th Annual National Wagyu Conference - Hunter Valley, NSW May 2016.

The Wagyu Revolution Conference includes speakers addressing AUSMEAT carcase language affects for Wagyu, Wagyu production in central Queensland, How to breed, prepare and market bulls, Making the switch to Wagyu and what are they worth.