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The 2018 Wagyu Edge Conference drew a large crowd with over 470 Wagyu industry representatives from all states and overseas discovering more about the Wagyu breed.

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Keynote address

Don Mackay is a highly respected Red Meat Industry leader, being awarded the Centenary Medal by the Prime Minister for his distinguished service to primary industry.
Don will discuss key issues affecting the future of the Wagyu industry reflecting on his time as Managing Director of Rangers Valley, president of the Australian Lot Feeders Association and Managing Director of Australian Agricultural Company.

Wagyu Hall of Fame Inductee, Lachie Hart talks about his story

Hear about their exciting Wagyu journey.

Objective carcase measurement and the supply chain

Sean’s career has focussed on the delivery of technology for objective measurement within livestock industries, particularly within the processing sector.

This video will reveal the latest developments in objective carcase technology, how these apply to the Wagyu industry and the bigger picture for Australian red meat processing.

Fatty acid composition and Japanese Black quality attributes

Aduli Malau-Aduli completed his PhD in Animal Genetics. He has 27+ years of research and teaching experience including working as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute of Livestock & Grassland Science in Japan. It was here he studied the linkage between key genetic regions in the Japanese Black genome and aspects of marbling quality.

He explains the nutritional manipulation of marbling and genetic control of fatty acid composition.

Breeding and feeding for top results with fullbloods

The Mayura Wagyu story began in the 1990’s, with 25 females arriving in one of the first shipments of fullbloods from Japan to today which sees the operation having more than 8,000 fullblood Wagyu cattle. Scott oversees the full breeding program design through to premium branded product being placed in key international luxury markets.

He shares his insights into breeding and management of fullbloods for optimised carcase outcomes.

Net Feed Intake: preliminary results and awards

Steve is General Manager of Kerwee Lot Feeders, ALFA board member, a former winner of the ALFA young lot-feeder of the year award and recent graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

Steve describes Kerwee’s innovative approach as leaders in the Australian feedlot industry, working to provide the very best service for our feeder suppliers and branded beef customer Stockyard, including their efforts to share data and develop value-based marketing options by using Feed Efficiency testing and the Wagyu Sire Progeny Test Program. The leading sires from the first Feed Efficiency testing cohorts will be announced.

Health and management

Dr Kevin Sullivan is a highly regarded large animal health specialist having vast experience in the production aspects of cattle health. This video reveals specific aspects of animal health as they relate to optimising Wagyu productivity across the whole herd.


Professor Rob Banks is the Director of the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU) at the University of New England. Rob has implemented research programs within AGBU to allow the Australian livestock industries to keep pace with the changes in genomics technologies over the last five years and talks about the application of genomics to Wagyu breeding and management.

Fullblood seedstock production

Dr Simon Coates B.V.Sc (Hons) is a Wagyu industry pioneer; instrumental as the second president of the AWA. His influence was pivotal in promoting Wagyu to the Australian beef industry and helped established the export business of F1 Wagyu steers from Australia to Japan with Nissho Iwai in 1995.

He remains at the forefront of commercial fullblood seedstock production. During this video, Simon will provide insight into his learnings as a market leader in global Wagyu seedstock.

Balanced breeding – walking through the pedigree

Barbara Roberts-Thomson has spent 20 years breeding Wagyu cattle through “The Wright Wagyu” and the “Academy Red Wagyu” studs and with Colomendy Station and “Hughes Pastoral” seedstock programs. She has vast experience in Japanese Black and Red Wagyu breeding using traditional and BREEDPLAN information to optimising Wagyu breeding.

Young breed leader report

Charlie Perry, manager of family owned stud Trent Bridge Wagyu has been producing high performing marbling bulls and commercial cattle for the first cross market for live export and the domestic market. Charlie was sponsored by the AWA to attended the Young Breed Leaders workshop in August 2017. He'll report on his insights into the future directions and opportunities for the Wagyu industry.

Wagyu Fellowship Report - Accelerated Wagyu Reproduction Technologies

Samantha reports on the learnings from her project in accelerated Wagyu reproduction technologies. She is the inaugural recipient of the AWA Wagyu Fellowship, an award that enables young Wagyu industry participants to broaden their skill base and develop their understanding of aspects of Wagyu production.

Findings from AWA Trade mission to Japan

During the AWA Trade Mission to Japan in August/September 2017, members experienced the full variety of Japanese production; operations from seedstock breeding centres, Takeda Farm, commercial F1 production operations including Australian F1 cattle and visitation of processing sites including the Tokyo Meat Market. CEO, Dr Matt McDonagh provides a summary of the main findings from this trip.

Conference summary

A wrap up the conference presentation by providing an explanation of the plate to paddock Wagyu value chain. Dr McDonagh provides a valuable summary of all the presentations featured in the 2018 Wagyu Edge Conference.