Delay to implementation of Late Fees to 01/07/2018 for registration of animals more than 18 months of age

The AWA Board has approved a delay to the implementation of charging of Late Fees for all Herdbook registered animals to 1st July 2018.  This will allow members with any unregistered animals adequate time to get them registered. This will also allow for the utilisation of SNP-based testing for Parent Discovery in unsupervised/recorded matings and the use of the reduced pricing of the Crossbred Wagyu Test to register animals. 

The release of new DNA testing services and pricing through the AWA/GeneSeek agreement has sparked widespread interest in:

  1. Using the SNP-based Parent Verification (SNP-PV) for the discovery of parents in herds where individual matings have been unsupervised or planned.  If DNA samples are available from all possible Sire, Dam and Progeny combinations within a mob or herd, SNP-based Parent Verification of Sires, Dams and Progeny can accurately determine parentage.
  2. Using the Crossbred Wagyu Test (CWT) to register animals in the AWA Content Register.  The CWT is conducted following obtaining a DNA test result from the 50K (50,000 SNP panel) GGP-LD test.   This enables registration of an animal in the content register based on the CWT score obtained. 

Parent Verification using 21 Microsatellite (MiP) markers is still available to members.