Elite Wagyu National Sale – sale entry conditions

Elite Wagyu National Sale


Vendors must agree to offer lots under the following conditions:

  1. Vendors must be AWA full members and all live lots, joining sires, donor dams and donor sires must be AWA registered.
  2. All lots to be WAGYU Fullblood 100% but ‘special interest’ lots may be accepted. ‘Special interest’ may include poll purebred Wagyu.
  3. ALL LOTS must have at least one EBV or Index in the TOP 5% in Wagyu BREEDPLAN. This includes live lots, joining sires, donors of semen and embryos for embryo lots.
  4. HEALTH DECLARATIONS. Vendors of live lots are required to provide a Elite Wagyu National Sale specific animal health declaration which will be made available to potential buyers on wagyu.org.au. Bull vendors are encouraged to use an Australian Cattle Veterinarian to provide a BullCheck report to satisfy the mandatory structural soundness/fertility/semen test requirements
  5. LIVE LOTS to consist of one animal only.
  6. EMBRYOS: Lots to comprise a minimum of 4 A grade embryos from the same joining. Bidding to be PER EMBRYO.
  7. SEMEN: Lots to comprise any number of straws between 10 and 50. Bidding to be PER STRAW.
  8. BREEDPLAN figures will be published in the online and printed catalogues and mid-parent BREEDPLAN figures for embryos. The printed catalogue will carry BREEDPLAN figures generated by the most recent run prior to printing. More up to date data can be found in the online catalogue on wagyu.org.au.
  9. The vendor agrees for the AWA to transfer live sold animals to the purchaser. AWA will not charge a transfer fee.
  10. BULLS & FEMALES: Fertility and soundness guarantees required. All live lots to be independently evaluated pre-sale by a qualified veterinarian for structural soundness and fertility with semen tests for bulls and pregnancy tests for females at vendor’s expense. The evaluation reports are to be provided to AWA within 14 days of the entry closing date. Bulls guaranteed to produce viable semen within six months of sale. Any claim against the breeding ability or structural breakdown must be made in writing and accompanied by a Veterinary Certificate within 12 months of the sale date. Any animal failing to breed will be replaced with an animal of similar value.
  11. FREIGHT: All freight/delivery costs to be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  12. GENETIC CONDITIONS: Strong preference given to animals and donors which are DNA tested free or ‘free by pedigree’ of B3, CHS, CL16 and F11. Test and GeneProbe results to be published in the catalogue.
  13. The sale will be a live sequential auction interfaced with AuctionsPlus under ALPA Livestock Auction Terms and Conditions of sale.
  14. VIDEOS/PHOTOGRAPHS: High quality still photographs and videos must be provided when requested (to be taken at vendor’s expense).
  15. AUCTIONSPLUS: Sale will be a live auction interfaced online through AuctionsPlus allowing appropriately registered potential buyers worldwide to bid.
  16. ENTRY FEE (GST inclusive): For each accepted entry $330 per live animal and embryo lots and $165 per semen lot to cover AuctionsPlus/advertising/cataloguing/transfers. Payable on receipt of invoice and non-refundable once the entry is accepted and catalogued.
  17. AGENT’S COMMISSION: 7% total commission + GST (4% agent,  3% AWA).
  18. BUYER’S AGENT REBATE: Nil to outside agents
  19. SETTLEMENT: Settlement by GDL Dalby, Qld, 12 days from day of sale.
  20. RESERVES: To be provided to the agent on day of sale or any time prior.
  21. CATALOGUES: An extended printed colour catalogue available at the sale and online through wagyu.org.au and on the AuctionsPlus and agent’s websites. An electronic online sale catalogue will be released in March 2019. Hard copy catalogues will be posted to all members in April. Delivery times of posted catalogues will depend on Australia Post delivery.
  22. OVER SUBSCRIBED: The maximum number of lots will be 75 with the Elite Sale Committee responsible for the acceptance or rejection of lots. Preference will be for lots with multiple traits in the top 5% BREEDPLAN percentile bands.
  23. ORDER OF SALE: The order of sale will be females, embryos, bulls and semen. Lots deemed to be in high demand will lead off each section.
  24. INSURANCE: Risk changes to the purchaser at the fall of the hammer. Insurance is recommended and will be available at the sale.
  25. EXPORT PROTOCOL: To encourage international competition, especially for embryos and semen, it is recommended that availability of lots to overseas countries be indicated in catalogue vendor notes.


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