Elite Wagyu National Sale – regulations

Elite Wagyu National Sale


1. Vendors must be AWA full members and all live lots and donor dams and sires must be AWA registered.
2. All lots are Wagyu Fullblood 100% genetics except for ‘special interest’ lots.
3. EMBRYOS – lots to comprise of 4 A grade embryos from the same joining. Purchaser responsible for freight. Bidding is PER EMBRYO.
4. FLUSHES – While the purchaser owns the complete flush regardless of results, 4 A grade embryos are guaranteed but with no pregnancy guarantees. Bidding is PER FLUSH.
5. BREEDPLAN figures are published in the sale catalogue and mid-parent BREEDPLAN figures for embryos, flushes and in utero lots. These figures are correct at the time of printing. Updated figures where necessary are in the online catalogue.
6. SEMEN – Lots comprise between 10 and 50 straws. Bidding is PER STRAW.
7. BREEDING SOUNDNESS & GUARANTEES OF FERTILITY – All bulls offered for sale will have passed a semen fertility test by a registered veterinary surgeon and a semen evaluation certificate will be available.

Guarantees of fertility
BULLS: Save and except for calves at foot, all bulls are guaranteed breeders and to so prove within six months of the date of sale or by reaching the age of 24 months whichever date shall be later.
FEMALES: Save and except for female calves at foot, all females are guaranteed to be in calf or go in calf within six months all the date of sale or by the age of 30 months whichever date shall be later. A positive pregnancy test certified by a qualified veterinary surgeon shall be sufficient evidence that the animal is in calf.
CLAIMS: under clauses (a) and (b) guarantees of fertility must be made to the vendor within six months from the date of sale and prior to the animal entering a quarantine area other than on the vendor’s property.

  • claims must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate which must clearly identify the basis of the claim.
  • infertility resulting from injury or disease occurring after the sale of the animal will not be covered by this guarantee.
  • the vendor retains the right to have the animal placed on a property nominated by the vendor or returned to the vendor’s properly for further assessment of fertility for a period not exceeding six months. In the event of the animal being proven fertile within the period, the costs incurred shall be borne by the purchaser. In the event of the animal not being proven fertile within the period the costs incurred shall be borne by the vendor.

LIABILITY OF A VENDOR: Except for costs defined elsewhere in the conditions of sale, the liability of a vendor in respect to claims relating to fertility shall not exceed the purchase price of the animal(s) or provide mutually agreed upon replacement animals.
REFUNDS: In the event of a claim being substantiated and the purchase price refunded, the animal(s) shall automatically become the property of the vendor and be returned to the vendor or be disposed of recording to vendor instructions at vendor’s expense.

This guarantee is voided automatically if the animal is returned to the vendor in poor physical condition or with any injury as determined at the sole discretion of the vendor acting reasonably, or if tests carried out on behalf all the vendor within 14 days of return proved positive to any diseases which may affect the animals fertility or ability to breed naturally, or the purchaser admits that it has or the vendor forms the view acting reasonably that the purchaser has collected and stored semen from a bull or has performed super ovulation or flushed a female.

In the event of a dispute as to whether a lot is a breeder, such dispute shall be resolved by the vendor and the purchaser and the auctioneer. While the auctioneer will use their best endeavours to assist, shall have no liability or responsibility in that regard. In the event that a lot is alleged or proved to be a breeder the purchaser shall nevertheless be obliged to pay the auctioneer the full price and any other monies or interest payable by the purchaser in accordance with these terms and conditions.

8. PRE-SALE INSPECTIONS – No animals will be at the Sale venue but photographs are in the catalogue and in the online catalogue. The lots are located on the vendors’ properties and genetics are in storage as disclosed in the catalogue. Delivery is the buyers’ responsibility and cost. Pre-sale physical inspections may be arranged directly with the vendor.
9. GENETIC CONDITIONS – Results of DNA testing for specific genetic conditions appear in this catalogue which indicate the lots status and whether it is DNA tested free or ‘free by pedigree’ of B3, CHS, CL16, and F11.
10. AuctionPlus – the sale will be a live auction with an online interface through AuctionsPlus allowing appropriately registered potential buyers worldwide to bid. Potential buyers from Australia should register with AuctionsPlus.com.au AND with GDLrural.com.au Special arrangements must be made by potential overseas buyers with GDL who will provide a temporary buyer number for use on AuctionsPlus for the sale only.
11. INSURANCE – ownership of a Lot changes to the purchaser at the fall of the hammer. Insurance is recommended and will be available at the sale.
12. EXPORT PROTOCOL – availability of Lots to overseas countries is indicated and overseas buyers should check with authorities to ensure access to their purchases.
13. TRANSFERS – AWA will transfer the ownership of live Lots to the new owners at no cost.
14. FREIGHT & DELIVERY AFTER SALE – All live animals and genetic material are at the vendors property or other location as indicated in the catalogue. Genetic material is usually stored at registered premises.
Freight is the purchasers’ responsibility to arrange and pay for. The agents will supply to the buyer the contacts of the vendor and storage premises if applicable. Delivery will not be approved until the buyer has paid in full.
15. GST – The option will be conducted on a GST exclusive basis and GST of 10% will be added to the sale price on the invoice.

  • Any person attending the sale does so at his/her own risk.
  • All persons attending the sale release the vendors and agents from all actions or demands due do any loss, death, damage or injury occurring on the premises.
  • The vendors or agents are not responsible and have no liability for any death or injury to any person or any loss of or damaged to the person attending the sale, their property or otherwise.

17. HOW TO BID – Registered bidders can bid live by attending the auction or bid online through AuctionsPlus or by telephone via a nominated agent/ third party.
18. BIDDING VARIATIONS (PER LOT or PER ITEM) – Lots and will be offered for sale in the following manner:

  • Live cattle – bidding is per lot
  • Embryo in utero – bidding is per lot
  • Flush – bidding is per lot
  • Embryos – bidding is per embryo
  • Semen – bidding is per straw

19. HEALTH STATUS & TREATMENTS – Vendors of live lots have completed a Vendor Declaration form and this form is available for perusal on wagyu.org.au

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