Foundations of quality Wagyu

The Foundation of quality Wagyu is about using the genetic information available, and the recorded data to underpin confident breeding decisions to produce the best possible carcase outcome.  The speakers will talk about their different strategies to deliver a well-balanced herd for the generation of Wagyu feeders.

Session 4, Day 2 will be presented by Laird Morgan Owner/Director of Arubial Wagyu and Lillyvale Feedlot and Alan Hoey, a Wagyu Genetics consultant. Both gentlemen are well respected in the industry for their knowledge and commitment to producing quality Wagyu.

Laird’s belief in performance and herd recording has enabled Arubial and Lillyvale Feedlot to scale up to a major Wagyu holding within a relatively short period of time. Laird will share his insights into how his company has achieved that and the challenges and rewards it has brought.

Alan Hoey has been part of the Wagyu industry since it’s very early days and his presentation will include his journey with Wagyu genetics and provide an insight into the skill of researching Wagyu herds. Through consultation with his clients, Alan develops plans for a Genetic Breeding Program to achieve the desired result, be that a paddock to plate animal or planning for the export market.

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