Future Wagyu Feeders

The feedlot industry is an integral part of the Wagyu supply chain and the future of the feedlot and future trends will have a direct impact on our own decisions. The Session ‘Future Wagyu Feeders‘ on Day 1 aims to bring the views and perceptions together of some of the more notable feedlot companies.

Each company will give delegates a chance to hear firsthand how their companies see the future trends play out.

  • Berry Reynolds, Private Client Manager, Mort & Co. Berry is responsible for the company’s mid-fed programs and looking to expand the Wagyu business and believes in building relationships with producers. Information such as carcase data, genetics advice and markets are crucial to both parties.
  • Andrew Malloy, Livestock Procurement Manager, Rangers Valley. Andrew sees Australian cattle on a daily basis and is aware of market trends and how it affects movement in and out of the feedlot. Andrew will chat about trends and the future direction of premium brands of Wagyu within Rangers Valley
  • Steve Martin, General Manager Operations, Kerwee Feedlot. Steve is deeply embedded in the Wagyu industry and oversees the Association’s Net Feed Intake research program conducted at Kerwee Feedlot. Speaking from firsthand knowledge, Steve will share what it is to have high performing Wagyu in the feedlot system.

To conclude the Session, Berry, Andrew and Steve will take part in an industry panel forum to discuss the broader future of the feedlot industry and its role in for Wagyu.