Jack’s Creek a winner at World Steak Challenge

The results are in for the World Steak Challenge!


Jack’s Creek Patrick Warmoll has had great success over the years at the World Steak Challenge

Australia didn’t take out the big prize this year, but by no means missed out altogether.

Jack’s Creek, winners of 2015 and 2016 World Steak Challenge and runner-up for 2017 have taken home seven medals for their Wagyu entries.

For the three Bronze medals, sirloin and fillet cuts from F1 were successful as was the rib-eye from a F4. In Silver, the sirloins for F1 and F4 were successful and the Gold medals were awarded for a F4 fillet and a F1 rib-eye.

Judging is based on the raw criteria of appearance, aroma, colour, marbling and consistency of fat trim. In Stage 2, the steaks are cooked to 50-55 degrees Celcius and rested for five minutes and judged on appearance, aroma, tenderness, flavour and succulence. A third stage of cooking is done on a BBQ to replicate the home eating experience and judged once more bit a second panel of judges. Judging is then based on cut and grass or grain fed categories.

In a statement to BeefCentral, Patrick Warmoll said that the company had a spent a considerable amount of time selecting their entries, noting that the ongoing drought had been a hurdle. Since first competing in the past three years, Jack’s Creek has seen huge demand from consumers wanting to buy Jack’s Creek Wagyu and Black Angus.

The overall winner of the Challenge was JN Meat International with a grass-fed Ayrshire sirloin.

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