Maintaining Wagyu Integrity

Australia and the Australian meat industry ensure marketing integrity through:

  • Australian Consumer Law (ACL) – legislates against “misleading and deceptive conduct” and penalties apply to breaches of the law.
  • Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) – the consumer “watchdog” to ensure ACL is adhered to in Australia.
  • Australian export legislation – any trade description applied to a product, including grading descriptions, must be accurate and true. Penalties apply for the application of false or misleading trade descriptions.
  • AUS-MEAT Limited – Australia’s national industry-owned organisation responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a universal, uniform trading language for meat and livestock. Provides Australia’s controls for accurate trade descriptions on exported meat.
  • Export Control (Meat & Meat Products) Orders require that through a product’s Trade Description the product is accurately described at each stage of production and is identified at each stage of production.
  • AUS-MEAT Accredited Abattoirs are required to provide an AUS-MEAT Approved Quality System to meet these requirements.
  • Any claims (Animal Raising Claims) made regarding a product under an AUS-MEAT Approved Quality System need to be approved and verified to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and AUS-MEAT satisfaction
  • AUS-MEAT audits the claims to ensure the Orders are being correctly maintained.


AWA maintains non-mandatory protection of the integrity of the Wagyu breed in Australia and being sold domestically and internationally for genetics, livestock and meat products, by:

  • Registering seedstock in the publically accessible Herdbook
  • Registering slaughter cattle in the Commercial Register with verification through individual animal certificates
  • Registering trademarks of Wagyu in Australia
  • Providing Wagyu Breed Trade Descriptions for genetics, livestock and meat – endorsed by AUS-MEAT for meat exports
  • Providing a Wagyu Breed Verification Program – endorsed by AUS-MEAT for meat exports.