Market Reports


The 2019-20 financial year has seen both F1 and feeder results starting below 300 c/kg live weight. During the course of the first half of the year, the feeder indicator has remained relatively stable around 300c/kg, while F1 Wagyu prices gradually gained ground, passing the feeder indicator toward the end of December. The F1 trend has continued to rise, albeit with a drop when borders closed with COVID-19, reaching an average of 450 c/kg toward the end of June 2020.

Please note it is estimated that Wagyu F1 sales reported by AuctionsPlus represent a small proportion (in the order of 2-5%) of total Wagyu F1 sales and that the data listed may not reflect direct supply relationships. This may be a result of many things, including the cattle being outside of specifications for the buyer or due to small lot numbers. Sale frequency varies from month to month with some months recording more than one sale.  The data on buy prices for the many different Wagyu F1 supply chains is not publicly disclosed. The National Feeder indicators are sourced from Meat & Livestock Australia.


GRAPH_Wagyu F1 Vs Feeder-AUG-01


GRAPH_Wagyu F1 Vs Feeder-01
F1 vs FEEDER INDICATORS FY 2017 - 2018