Marketing Wagyu


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To achieve the best results from your Wagyu investment a structured approach to marketing your product is often beneficial. This section provides a brief process to assist in developing and delivering a Wagyu Marketing Plan.

Market Planning

  1. Market Research: Research your market using a wide range of Wagyu Australia sources:
    • The AWA website
    • Wagyu supply chain contacts
    • Call and/or meet with contacts to introduce yourself, understand their views, information and services; and build their confidence in you and your product
    • Attend the annual AWA National Conference – build contact networks and receive business development information
    • Become a member to receive regular information on the Wagyu industry in Australia and globally
  2. Market Position: Define your Market Position ie. where you want to be in the market. Be a “Price maker, not a price taker”
  3. Brand Development: Establish your Brand – This is not just your logo, it is the image you want your customers to see and the emotions you want them to feel when they think of you and your product eg. High integrity, always delivers the product as specified. Friendly, easy to deal with. Knows their product.
  4. Marketing Objectives: SetMarket Objectives ie. what you want to achieve from your marketing.

Aim always to create “top of mind awareness” for your product/brand so that your customers will always think of you when considering purchase of your type of product.

  1. Product: Define the Product for sale, such as:
    • Registered Seedstock:
      – Bulls/Females
      – Semen – from registered sires
      – Embryos from registered sires and dams
  • Commercial breeding females eg. Wagyu Fullblood 100%, Crossbred Wagyu 50+% F1 – registered to confirm Wagyu breed content

Animal registration offers very real commercial benefits – see Benefits of Registration 

  • Export breeding cattle – AWA registered and ILRIC/ACGEA certified to ensure breed and animal quality for long term repeat customers.
  • Feeder steers and heifers – AWA Wagyu Breed Verified to confirm Wagyu breed content
  • Export steers – AWA Wagyu Breed Verified to confirm Wagyu breed content
  • Finished carcasses – from AWA Wagyu Breed Verified animals to confirm Wagyu breed content
  • Branded boxed beef – carrying the AWA Wagyu Verified trademark to confirm Wagyu breed content
  • Feedlot services – delivering AWA Wagyu Breed Verified animals to confirm Wagyu breed content
  1. Target Market: Define the Target Market– who will buy your product?
  2. Product Pricing: Establish the price levels you will require for your product. Consider:
  • Cost of production per unit
  • The profit margin you require eg. 20%
  • Price of the product per unit.
  • Check the price of your competitor products in the market to ensure you are offering your product at a competitive price relative to its features and benefits.
  1. Market Channels and Reach: Define your Marketing Channels. Determine how you will reach out to your defined market to find you buyers and attract them to purchase your product. This generally involves advertising.


Advertising your Wagyu Brand/Product with the Australian Wagyu Association

The Association provides a wide range of advertising services to ensure you and your product are clearly identified in the Wagyu marketplace. These range from delivering immediate impact to building longer term, solid and ongoing brand recognition:

– Immediate –AWA Email Network – classified buy/sell advertisement

  • Reach: 500 specialist Wagyu members domestically and in 25 countries

– Monthly – AWA Wagyu eNews – points to website

  • Reach: 1500 specialist Wagyu members domestically and in 21 countries plus broader industry contacts

– 4 Monthly – AWA Wagyu Update magazine –strongly demanded by members

  • Reach: 500 specialist Wagyu members domestically and in 21 countries via printed colour copy and on the AWA website with 6,500 visits per month
  • See Wagyu Update Media Kit for advertising costs

– Continuous – AWA Wagyu Website – central repository of AWA Wagyu information

  • Reach: 5000 sessions per month from 3000 users

– Continuous – On-line Wagyu Sale Catalogues – with real time interactive access to animal pedigree and performance EBVs:

  • Semen Catalogues
  • Sale Catalogues

– Private Treaty – buyer negotiates privately with seller

– Public Sale – generally by auction, may be single or multi-vendor. AWA can also extract Lot data from these on-line catalogues and provide them to your printer to develop an expanded paper-based catalogue.

  • Reach: 5000 sessions per month from 3000 users

– Annual Milestone Event – AWA Wagyu Fullblood 100% International Sale:

  • Culminates at National Conference
  • Advertised domestically through:

▪       All AWA communications channels – Wagyu Update, Wagyu eNews, on-line sale catalogue

▪       Fairfax Media – Rural Press

  • Internationally through:

▪       AWA communication channels

▪       Wagyu World magazine and email network

▪       American Wagyu Association magazine and email network

  • Reach: world-wide

See the AWA Fee Schedule for advertising prices.