Membership and cattle registrations

The value of AWA Membership

Membership with the Australian Wagyu Association allows members to focus on maximising the outcomes of their Wagyu business through genetic improvement, production systems and access to the beef supply chain. Membership also provides discount rates to Association events such as the annual conference and AGM, as well as advertising through our media channels of website, print and social media.

Two membership levels are available – Full or Associate.



Full Membership suits those in the Wagyu industry who are focused on quality seedstock, cattle breeding and commercial beef production. Fullblood and purebred cattle can be registered in the Wagyu Herdbook. Those with crossbred and commercial Wagyu may also register for the purposes of grading up, live export or slaughter cattle. While not mandatory, registration of cattle enables all members to improve the overall Wagyu herd in Australia. Benefits include –

Genetic improvement

  • Participation in Wagyu BREEDPLAN
  • Discounted fees for DNA typing, parent verification, and genetic condition testing
  • Specialised reports through the members’ only area on the AWA website.
  • Participation in Research and Development projects.


  • Recording Wagyu and Crossbred Wagyu cattle and their performance data in the Herdbook, Crossbred and Wagyu Commercial Registers maintained by the Association.

Herdbook Registration (parent verified)

  • International recognition, enabling domestic and export marketing of registered livestock, semen and embryos
  • Increased market premiums of commercial females registered in Herdbook
  • Increased market premiums on bulls in Herdbook

Wagyu Commercial Registration (non-parent verified)

  • Export certification of live animals through ILRIC/ACGEA
  • Crossbred Wagyu F1 premiums
  • Export certification of semen and embryos

To register your animals, refer to the Registration Process 


Associate membership is designed to attract those interested in the Australian Wagyu industry from all sectors of the value chain but who do not breed cattle. Marketing opportunities, information and education are provided for the Wagyu industry to enhance their businesses.

Genetic improvement

  • Access to view Wagyu BREEDPLAN data
  • Specialised reports through the members’ only area on the AWA website.
  • Participation in Research and Development projects.


  • Promotion of your business through our media channels: website, print and social media
  • Association support for market integrity



  1. Select the type of membership appropriate for you – Full or Associate Membership.
  2. Complete an AWA membership application form
  3. Email the form plus payment details or post to:
    The Australian Wagyu Association
    Suite 6, 146 Marsh Street,
    Armidale, NSW, 2350

See Fee Schedule for fee details

We welcome your membership and trust you will be well rewarded.



Overseas Members are welcome to take membership in the Australian Wagyu Association. To take advantage of animal registration and genetic analysis, Full Membership is required.

If your animals are registered with another Wagyu Association overseas, they can also be registered with the Australian Wagyu Association – whether they reside (or you) outside of Australia or not. Sales for livestock, semen and embryos can be advertised with the Association.

Export and import of livestock and genetics: If the animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association, we can assist with documentation such as the five-generation pedigree information often required by other countries.

Genetics and DNA analysis:

DNA Parent verification and testing for genetic conditions can be tested with affiliated Association laboratories through tail samples. SNP testing is now the best way forward to ensure full parent verification.

To find out more on DNA testing refer to the AWA Member Guide and the Australian DNA testing process or International DNA testing process