New AWA pricing for Neogen GGP50K with no-charge re-testing

The Australian Wagyu Association and Neogen Australasia are delighted to announce new AWA standard pricing for the Wagyu GGP50K genomics and associated add-ons.  These new prices do not impact current MiP to SNP promotions.

Through the combined efforts of its members working together, the AWA has become Neogen Australasia’s largest customer by volume of Wagyu GGP50K tests.  As a result, AWA and Neogen announce new testing prices for Wagyu GGP50K that include the provision for re-testing of failed samples at no extra charge.

As of 25 May 2020, the new pricing for genetic testing through AWA for Neogen genomics products will apply as follows:

neogen AWA testing prices

AWA CEO Dr Matt McDonagh said that Neogen Australasia have been in it for the long haul with AWA and they understand the DNA testing requirements of AWA and its members.  Their responsiveness in offering volume discounts to the AWA is a credit to them and the AWA members who have worked together to achieve a massive volume of genomic DNA testing.

Neogen Australasia’s Sales and Marketing Manager Sarah Buttsworth said the company had pursued a partnership approach with AWA to ensure that its members could obtain maximum value from their investment in genomic technology, which in turn will accelerate the genetic improvement that is underway across the Wagyu breed.

“As Australia’s largest local genomics laboratory, we believe strongly in working closely with breeders and their societies to drive genetic gains,” Ms Buttsworth said. “We have been working with Wagyu breeders since the early 1990s when, under the former UQ Animal Genetics Laboratory (AGL) brand, we began blood typing services.”

Dr McDonagh highlights a significant benefit to AWA members through the new Neogen Wagyu GGP50K pricing – with one re-test being provided by AWA at no charge where a member has a failed sample and submits a new sample for testing.  “On average, this occurs in less than 5% of cases, but can be a significant bug-bear for our members,” he said.