New improved pricing for DNA tests

Through recent discussions with the DNA testing company GeneSeek, we have secured a new and highly competitive agreement for our members to use the USA based company to provide DNA testing services.  The new prices available through the AWA-GeneSeek agreement are: 

AWA exclusive Geneseek DNA services

AWA member price (incl. GST)


GGP LD (50K SNP) & Parent Verification

GGP LD (50K SNP) & Crossbred Wagyu Test

Parent Verification (500 SNP)





The cost of the GGP LD 50K SNP test to members has been reduced by more than 20% from $71 to $55 (both prices are GST inclusive) through this agreement.  As an added incentive, we are currently able to provide SNP-based parent verification within the same price as the GGP LD (50K SNP) test as this SNP are already on the GGP LD chip. 

The cost of the Crossbred Wagyu Test to identify wagyu content in non-registered animals has also been reduced significantly, from $79 to $66 inclusive of GST.

These pricing changes place genomic testing at a level that is viable for members to consider wholesale uptake, enabling genomic information to be used as part of EBV predictions through SingleStep BREEDPLAN at the end of 2017.  Parent verification through SNP testing allows for accurate verification of parentage in large groups of animals with unsupervised mating’s providing the sire, dam and progeny are all genotyped on the same SNP platform.  Once a member has undertaken the base SNP genotyping for the sire and dam portion of their herd, subsequent generations of progeny can then be SNP genotyped for parent verification, without the need to repeat SNP testing of the parents (provided they have been SNP genotyped already).

To access these services and pricing through GeneSeek, members must submit their request for services through the AWA and pay for these services up-front.  The Association has negotiated for samples to be processed through the UQ-AGL labs for DNA extraction, prior to extracted DNA samples being sent by UQ-AGL to GeneSeek in the USA for testing.   

Changes to Registration fees

Through developing our 2018 – 2020 budget, we have identified the need to increase registration fees for all Herdbook registrations.  The fees charged for Herdbook registrations have increased by $2 per registration (approximately 8%).  The AWA has held registration costs at the prior level for several years.  This change is required to keep the cost of registration in-line with the cost of servicing members requests. 

Late Registration fees

An additional change to animal registration fees now in effect is that we will now be charging members for late registration for animals 18 months or older.  The association has had an amnesty on late registrations with fees for late registrations waived for the past 12-18 months.  This was put in place to encourage registrations of animals that have not been captured previously.  Charges for late registration of animals 18 months of age to 24 months of age are now $25 and this fee increases to $52 for animals 24 months or older at registration.  This fee is in addition to the standard registration fee. 

Click here to review the above changes to DNA test pricing and registration costs are now reflected on our website