Overseas Membership – FAQs

The Australian Wagyu Association welcomes overseas Wagyu breeders as members.

Overseas Wagyu breeders frequently ask the following questions when considering our membership and other services:

1. How much does it cost for overseas membership with the Australian Wagyu Association?

Answer: Overseas Full Membership is required for animal registration and use of the Wagyu Genetic Analysis, which costs AUS $400 per annum (see Fee Schedule) (URL). The Benefits of Membership and Cattle Registration are very real and tangible.

2. How do we pay for overseas membership and other fees?

Answer: The best option is to pay by credit card from overseas as the exchange rates are automatically factored in. Provide your credit card details either by email with the Membership Application Form giving your credit card type (Mastercard/Visa), number and expiry date to office@wagyu.org.au or phone your credit card details to our Finance Officer on +61 2 8880 7702.

3. I currently own animals that are registered with another Wagyu association in my country. Can I re-register them with the Australian Wagyu Association?

Answer: Wagyu animals registered in another association can also be registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.

4. Can I only register my animals with your association even if my animals and myself live overseas?

Answer: Yes, we have some many overseas members registering their Wagyu animals with the Australian Wagyu Association.

5. I conduct sales with live Wagyu animals, semen and embryos. Can I advertise my sale within your membership?

Answer: Yes, as a member you receive all membership benefits including Marketing Wagyu

6. How do I register my animals with the Australian Wagyu Association:

Answer: See the Registration Process 

7. Can I have my animals compared within your EBVs in the Australian Wagyu Genetic Analysis?

Answer: Yes, overseas members already provide their performance data on registered animals to the Australian Wagyu Association for inclusion in the Wagyu Genetic Analysis with the resulting EBVs in their sale catalogues.

8. Can I have my animals DNA Parent Verified and tested for genetic recessive conditions through the Australian Wagyu Association?

Answer: Yes. Our preferred DNA lab in Australia is the University of Queensland Animal Genetics Laboratory (UQAGL). Hair samples for DNA Parent Verification may be sent to the lab and they will conduct the testing, return the results to you and invoice the Australian Wagyu Association, which will then invoice you. Genetic Conditions are tested by UQAGL extract the DNA and sending it on to the Elizabeth MacArthur Animal Institute which conducts the recessive genetic testing and returns the results to you, copy to the Association which then invoices you. UQAGL is also developing SNP based genetic condition tests which will be available next year. We will need to advise you on the specific process for sending DNA samples to UQAGL from overseas.

9. I export embryos, can you assist us with the paper work need to get them exported out of my country? 

Answer: If the animals are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association we can assist with embryo documentation such as the five generation pedigree often required by other countries.

10. Do you turn around paper work quickly?

Answer: Average turnaround time is 14 days. On-line or batch registrations are best and we discourage paper based registrations with a fee surcharge.