Pardoo Goes Platinum

It is with great delight to the Association to announce that Pardoo Beef Company is supporting our conference, WagyuEdge: Building Integrity 2019, to be held in Adelaide 8-10, May as a Platinum Sponsor.

Based in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, Pardoo aims to establish a regional breeding herd of purebred Wagyu, the challenge is to do so in a sustainable manner in a region with low rainfall. Below the Pilbara is a water resource that operated with care will cater for up 6,000 hectares of crops to support the feed needs of a Wagyu operation.

A silver medallist in the 2018 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition Crossbred Class, the First Growth Wagyu brand is F4 purebred developed in partnership with Georgina Pastoral. It is supported by the premium brand, Pardoo Wagyu and Exclusively Pardoo Wagyu.

In addition, the Pardoo Beef Corporation has developed strong relationships with the traditional owners of Pardoo Station, the Ngarla people and the Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation to ensure shared community benefits. Learn more about Pardoo Beef Company