Premium Wagyu Sale

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133 lots were on offer:

  • 44 COWS & HEIFERS – many in the top 5% on BREEDPLAN. PTIC & Unjoined. Popular high performing and special interest genetics included
  • 98 EMBRYOS  offering a good supply of top 1% – 5% on BREEDPLAN including Poll Midnight, G113 and other high-performance genetics to suit new and existing breeders.
  • 31 BULLS – Black and Red. All top 20% or better on BREEDPLAN. High marbling, growth &/or carcase. Ideal for F1 to Fullblood breeders.
  • 440 SEMEN STRAWS – some of the best old, rare and modern semen available, offering MS up to +2.3, 100% Tajima, high indexes. Will be of interest to all breeders.

Entries were from many top Studs in WA, SA, TAS, VIC, NSW and QLD.

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Premium Wagyu Sale results

July sale results


The July Premium Wagyu Sale was the largest Premium Wagyu Sale in the past year. It had a wide range of cattle and genetics from throughout Australia. The catalogue went online three weeks before the sale, and the sale was advertised in every state. This produced a huge 3841 views, 93 registered bidders, 39 active bidders and 575 online bids, which is an extraordinarily large amount compared to any other AuctionsPlus Sale. As a comparison, the Elite sale in May received 2657 views online.

We saw plenty of bidding action on the females, on two good lines of females for sale. One from Brian Angus, Woodview Stud, South Africa who had 12 Westholme Cows, previous donors and now empty ready to flush again or go in calf. The second good offering came from Charlie Perry, Trent Bridge Stud who sold 10 PTIC heifers.

  • The 12 Westholme empty cows sold from $1,800 to $15,600 to average $4,550.
  • The 10 Trent Bridge PTIC heifers sold from $2000 to $15,000 to average $7240.

The straws of semen were a mix of ancient and modern.
The highlights were:

  • Itozurudoi TF151 12 straws in 3 lots sold for $3,000 per straw to 3 buyers.
  • Poll Midnight M0775 20 straws in 2 lots sold for $1,700 per straw to 2 buyers.
  • World K’s Michifuku M0164 10 straws sold for $1,100 per straw to 1 buyer
  • TF Terutani 40/1 20 straws sold for $1,050 per straw to 1 buyer.

There was 350 straws of semen from Twynam Ag that was sold to clear, having dispersed their Angus herd. Clearance prices from $5 to $7 per straw made this excellent value for larger scale operations. Other semen sold from $25 to $230 per straw in lots from 5 to 20 straws. A few extra straws from catalogued lots were sold after the sale. All up 730 straws were sold to average $186.

The Embryos met a more selective demand with many lots not receiving a bid. Sumo Cattle Co & Johan Strydom offered a run of embryos by Poll Wagyu Midnight and out of 5 different Sumo cows. They sold from $2,000 to $2,200.

The bulls were difficult to sell. Most sales occurred in Western Australia with 5 Irongate bulls selling from $7,000 to $10,000. There were only 2 bulls sold in Eastern Australia at $4,000 and $5,000, due to the drought conditions in all Eastern States. Maybe strong demand for semen is also a reflection of the drought conditions in Eastern Australia.

There were 12 Fullblood cows in 3 lots that were described as commercial, due to being below average breedplan data. These cows were all sold between $2,100 and $2,750 for Fullblood steer breeding production.


Summary of 2018 Elite Wagyu Sales