Putting it into Practice

The Wagyu beef brand promise begins with a solid foundation – good genetics, animal health and nutrition as well as telling your story. Day 3, Putting it Into Practice, highlights how two companies – one in Australia, one in the US – have successfully built on quality foundations to create vertically integrated operations.

Jac Wagyu is based in north-west New South Wales, operated by Jason and Ann Lewis, fourth-generation farmers, who will take us through the role value-add plays in a maturing Wagyu market. Jason will highlight the advantages and disadvantages that value-adding can have on a family business and how they have overcome them to be a successful branded-beef operation.

In comparison, Heartbrand USA while still a Wagyu operation focuses on Akaushi genetics – commonly referred to as Red Wagyu. JoJo’s presentations will describe the method and reasoning on how HeartBrand best utilises Akaushi genetics to fit the company’s beef demand as well as variables in the market. By tracking cattle data throughout their vertically integrated system has given the ability to make progress and real time changes.