Strategic Planning Survey Report

A Strategic Planning Survey Feedback Webinar report as presented to members on 19th August, clearly indicating a very high level of support for the Board proposed and developed Corporate Focus and strategies.

There were 83 responses representing a broad geographical base of the membership.

The census component had only been completed by some 62% of responders due to it being optional and some suspected survey rejection of non-numeric data (some members attempted to input herd ranges in single number responses) and survey timing out problems.

Extrapolation of the census data will be undertaken to estimate the current Australian Wagyu herd size and the projected level in five years’ time, with the census report to be released to members.

To download the Strategic Planning Survey summary report CLICK HERE (2.5MB).

The Strategic Plan v1 for 2015 – 2019 will now be drafted based on the Strategic Planning Survey findings and provided to members for comment.