2019 Conference and Tour

The WagyuEdge: Building Integrity 2019 Annual Conference & Tour has become a must-do event on the Australian beef industry calendar.

Extending across three days, the conference program aims to generate conversation on our Future Wagyu Feeders, Making the Most of Data, Quality to underpin Brand Promise, Feedlotting and creating a sustainable future for our Wagyu beef industry. At the conclusion of the conference, the post-conference tour will commence visiting Wagyu operations in South Australia and Victoria.



The Conference gets underway on Day 1 at 10am with introductions from the President of the AWA and acknowledgement of our 30 years in the making before we turn to innovations in nutrition and breeding, then focus on how to use this in the future by assessing future trends for Wagyu feeders and the feedlot system. The final session concludes with an industry panel discussion on where the feedlot industry is headed.

Our first opportunity to relax and socialise is at the Welcome Function. Looking forward to a high-class affair on the top of the Adelaide Oval looking back across the River Torrens and the city skyline!

Kicking off Day 2 is our first Keynote Speaker, CEO of AACo, Hugh Killen who will give an overview of the importance of brand strategy and genetics in a global market. That global market is then given a further perspective by MLA’s Japan expert, Andrew Cox and Japanese market commentator Bully Kohno. We swing into a higher gear to optimise quality to uphold brand promise and how that quality translates into the eating quality we know is integral to Wagyu beef. The feedlotters will also weigh in on how feed and management deliver on that brand promise. Using good foundations is fundamental to quality as explored with Arubial Wagyu/Lillyvale feedlot.

Time to dress for a night of entertainment and celebration of Australian Wagyu with the Gala Dinner! Always a terrific night, it includes the Charity Auction and announcement of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition.

Practical examples of Wagyu production are always welcome and we will hear how Jac Wagyu and Heartbrand USA have become success stories in the industry. The morning session will conclude with our second high-profile Keynote Speaker (to be announced shortly) and an industry leadership panel Q&A session to discuss what is needed for the foundations of a sustainable Wagyu industry.

Breaking for lunch, join us in a celebration of the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition tasting the very best that the Australian Wagyu beef industry has to offer, including medal winners from all categories.

The final event in our program turns the conference stage into a live auction room with the Elite Wagyu National Sale. Commencing at 3 pm (Adelaide time), the auction showcases the very best of Australian Wagyu genetics on offer.

Download the WagyuEdge 2019 Conference program (PDF – 4mb)