WagyuEdge 2020 Conference


Mr Jason Strong

Managing Director of Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd

Jason Strong has more than 30 years’ red meat and livestock experience, knowledge and connections from the farm through to the end consumer in both domestic and international markets.

He is a well-recognised and respected senior executive with extensive skills in commercial and industry business management and administration, supply chain development, meat science and grading, genetics and marketing as well as on-farm experience.

Jason Strong is Managing Director of Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd and is a director of Integrity Systems Company Limited, MLA Donor Company Limited, AUS-MEAT Limited and Red Meat Traceability Systems Pty Ltd


Brendon O’Rourke

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Recessive genetic disorders can be an issue with any breed of animal – and Wagyu is no exception. Regular testing is done, but understanding the why’s and wherefore’s of the problems that can arise sometimes has breeders in the dark.

Brendon is currently the Team Lead of the Biotechnology department at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute. His team focuses on the genetics and genomics of both inherited and infectious disease affecting agriculture.

Brendon completed his PhD in molecular genetics in 2010 with the University of Melbourne focusing on the genetics influencing muscle mass in cattle.


Arthur Dew

Longford Station and AWA Life Member

Arthur Dew’s Longford Station is well respected for its fullbood production, producing some of the best Wagyu bulls in the country as well as a longstanding live export market with Japan.

An early pioneer in the industry, Arthur has a commitment to improving the genetics of the Australian herd.


Professor Takafumi Gotoh

Kagoshima University, Japan

Professor Gotoh is a professor with Kagoshima University. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Department of Animal Science, Kyushu University, Japan. After graduating, he became an assistant professor, then associate professor with the graduate of school of agriculture at Kuju Agricultural Research Centre.

His specialty is functional anatomy, nutritional physiology and management of Japanese Black cattle (Wagyu), focusing on metabolic programming effects and production systems. He was awarded by the Japanese Society of Animal Science for his research entitled “Histochemical Properties of Skeletal Muscles in Japanese Cattle and Their Meat Production Ability” in 2001.


Professor Kenji Oyama

Food Resources Education and Research Center of Kobe University

Kenji Oyama has been a Wagyu researcher for more than 20 years. He works for Food Resources Education and Research Center of Kobe University.

Although his specialty is genetic evaluation of economically important traits of the breed, he actually manages Wagyu cattle that the centre raises. He also serves as members of many public committees.


Tomotaka Ando

Kosmos Farms, Japan

As Director of Kosmos Farm, Hokkaido, Japan, Ando oversees a vertically integrated operation focusing on Wagyu, Brown Swiss and crossbreds. Since its inception in 1987, the farm carries 350 Black Wagyu, 600 Black Wagyu Crossed and 100 Brown Swiss. The philosophy of the operation is to focus on safe production systems to meet growing customer demand.

Ando will share insights into his perception of Wagyu and what it holds in the future for Kosmos Farm.


Doug Piper

Retail Manager/ Corporate Butcher, Meat & Livestock Australia

With over four decades experience in the meat industry Doug Piper is a specialist retail butcher with extensive training, supervisory and business development experience across the independent retail butcher channel to high volume retail meat departments including foodservice and wholesale sectors.

Over the past 14 years, Doug has worked for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) as their Corporate Butcher sharing his knowledge and experience by delivering educational training programs on value-adding, whole carcass utilization and the use and value of secondary cuts with consumers, trade, hospitality and major multi-channel foodservice operators and wholesalers around Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.