Wagyu Branded Beef Competition 2020


Important Announcement

The WagyuEdge 2020 Annual Conference and Tour has been cancelled in response to the COVID-19 situation. For a full message from our CEO please check the News item.

For the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition, this means we will not be holding an awards ceremony as we normally would during the conference.

The AWA is working toward an alternative ceremony to recognise our winning Wagyu Brands. Results will be released soon.


The Wagyu Branded Beef Competition is quickly becoming an iconic part of the Brand owner calendar and entries are now open to register your luxury Branded Wagyu.

Celebrating Fullblood, Crossbred and Commercial Classes, the competition seeks to promote excellence in Wagyu beef production for producers and brand owners. The categories are

  1. Fullblood Japanese Black Steak
  2. Open Crossbred Wagyu Steak
  3. Commercial Wagyu Steak marble score 5-7

In addition to Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for each category, Category Champion awards will be awarded to the highest scoring entry in each category.   The highest scoring Category Champion will be awarded the Grand Champion Award.

The Australian Wagyu Association invites you to participate once more to enter the competition.




Corporate Executive Chef, John Alexander will once again preside at the judging, which this year will take place at Cha Cha char Wine Bar & Grill, Brisbane, QLD on 17 March 2020, and the winners announced at the annual conference, WagyuEdge 2020 to be held at Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, 29 April-1 May 2020.

Entries closed 21 February 2020

To see the outstanding results achieved in 2019, download the Results


Entry fees
Entry fees are payable on receipt of invoice and non-refundable once the entry is accepted by the Australian Wagyu Association. All prices listed are inclusive of GST. The AWA will invoice you for the classes you have entered.

Classes 1, 2 and 3 – $500 (inc GST) per entry

Delivery of exhibits
Entries in Classes 1, 2, and 3 to be delivered between 9 – 13 March 2020.

Delivery address
Attn: AWA Branded Beef Competition

Prime Cut Meats

Laurie Marguglio
12 Steel Place
Morningside, QLD 4170

Phone: 07 3399 1390

To take place on 17 March 2020


Branded Beef Classes

Class 1 
Fullblood Japanese Black Steak

Class 2 
Open Crossbred Wagyu Steak

Class 3 
Commercial Wagyu Steak Class (marble score 5-7)

Grand Champion Wagyu Brand 

Entry conditions

Download the Conditions of Entry


Deb Andrich
AWA Marketing and Communications Manager – phone 0400 855 040 or email


Exhibitors must be a member (Full Member or Associate Member) of AWA to be eligible to enter this competition. All members will be allowed to enter the competition, including AWA Board members.

Every entrant is subject to the terms and conditions of this competition upon submitting an entry. Read the general competition regulations and assessment criteria here.


The reaction of the mouth to the physical quality of the food. Includes tensile resistance and product mouth feel. Will be influenced by marbling, the firmness & texture of the beef, as well as the connective tissues.

Descriptors: chewy, enjoyable-chewy, fibrous, granular, greasy, mushy, silky, tender, textureless, tough, very-tender, other.

The impression given from the release of the meat’s water-holding capacity on first eating defines the juiciness. The melted marbling in highly marbled beef will be a major contributor to this but will also include the consumer’s saliva. The salivation response will be tempered by aroma and hunger.

Descriptors: Very-dry, dry, slightly-dry, initial juiciness, very juicy, lasting juiciness.

There are five taste receptor groups; sweet, salt, bitter and sour plus a new receptor range described by the Japanese as ‘umami’ (which means beefy, savoury, brothy or delicious). It is the taste of MSG (monosodium glutamate), IMP (5-nucleotides, 5’-inosine monophosphate), GMP (5’-guanosine monophosphate) and BMP (8 amino acid “Beefy Meaty Peptide”: Lys-Gly-Asp-Glu-Glu-Ser-Leu-Ala). There are up to 880 volatile compounds of different chemical classes reported in cooked beef.

Descriptors: Beany, bitter, buttery, caramel, cereal, chemical/medicinal, citrus, clean & fresh, creamy, dairy, earthy, fatty, fishy, herbal, kerosene, livery, low, putrid, metallic, nutty, popcorn, rancid, rich, rounded, salty, soapy, sour, stale, sweet, toasty, unami, other.

The perception of the volatile characteristics of food as perceived by receptors primarily in the nose.

Descriptors: Beefy, caramel, cardboard, cereal, citrus, sulphury, fishy, medicinal/chemical, herbaceous, putrid, stale, musty, livery, kerosene/solvent, low/faint, toasty, popcorn, fresh, floral, pungent, other.



Peter Lewis is once again Chief Judge and Gary McPherson Chief Steward. A panel of 16 judges is appointed and rotated around in a “cascading” system. As much as possible, the same judges are appointed each year. The judges consisted of Sponsors, Chefs, Restauranteurs, Food Critics, Producers, Butchers and associated industry personnel.

Each steak entry is judged by a panel of seven judges. Each judge may allocate up to 130 points for each steak entry, which gives a potential 910 points possible per entry.

Medal cut-offs in Class 1 and 2 (Fullblood and Crossbred Wagyu) were set at:

Gold       80%
Silver     75%
Bronze  70%

Total      910 points possible


Medal cut-offs in Class 3 (Commercial Steak MS 5-7) were set at:

Gold      79%
Silver     74%
Bronze  70%

Total      910 points possible