What will I learn at the AWA Workshop?

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A workshop, compared to a presentation is about learning.

Learning a new skill, a new technology or improving on what you know.

And so it is with the Australian Wagyu Association Workshop on November 25th, 2019 at the Brisbane Airport Conference Centre.

This year, the Workshop day brings together skills and knowledge to improve your understanding of how the accuracies in EBVs are achieved and how to apply them and the flow-on effects to the BreedObject $Indexes.

Then, focusing on nutrition and animal health, you can see first hand how the Wagyu Feed Calculator can work specific to your pasture and feed types. How that impacts on heifer performance and feedlot entry is also discussed.

Genetics and EBVs will be presented by AWA Technical Officer, Carel Teseling who will show by example, how more data in BREEDPLAN can improve the accuracy and hence confidence in EBVs, even if the EBV itself does not change.

The three BreedObject $Indexes, Self-replacing, Fullblood Terminal and F1 Terminal, developed specifically for Wagyu by AGBU will be reviewed by Brad Walmsley to increase your knowledge on how to apply them to different production systems to gain the best possible profitability outcomes.

Following on from that, Todd Andrews of NSW DPI will highlight how the Wagyu Feed Calculator app and the Drought Calculator app can be used to find the best feed solution given the tough times the industry is feeling.

Matthew George, Bovine Dynamics will then discuss practical examples of heifer nutrition and feedlot entry in these conditions to ensure that Wagyu reach their full potential in feedlot production system.

And finally, AWA Director, Peter Cabassi will launch the Association’s next five-year Strategic Plan prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting. The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 outlines the commitment the Association, Board and Staff will undertake to help industry to ensure that Wagyu is the ‘world’s luxury beef’.