50K DNA Testing Services now available with XytoVet

The Australian Waygu Association (AWA) and XytoVet would like to express our appreciation to the many producers who were early supporters of XytoVet’s service.  These members have assisted with samples and DNA testing to enable AWA and XytoVet to build the data transfer and management systems required for getting a new 50K genomic platform calibrated for standard AWA parent verification and genomic services – including BREEDPLAN Single-Step EBVs.

AWA has worked with XytoVet to ensure that the data formats required by AWA’s systems can be delivered in an effective and efficient process.  There has been a requirement for significant programming and data reporting systems development to enable transfer of high-quality genomic information from XytoVet to AWA so that it is compatible with AWA systems.  These challenges have been wholly resolved to the satisfaction of both AWA and XytoVet.

Specifically, in consultation with AWA, ABRI and AGBU, XytoVet’s data output has been re-edited and re-formatted to ensure compatibility with both AWA and BREEDPLAN systems. This newly edited and formatted data has subsequently undergone rigorous assessment and validation through both the AWA and AGBU.  This process has enabled us to not only ensure that all data is efficiently imported, but that post analysis output and results are consistent and compatible with all existing technology platforms and service providers.

We are delighted to announce that XytoVet services to AWA and its members are now available to Australian members, providing processing and uploading of results within two weeks of receipt of samples.

We welcome you to get in touch with XytoVet should you wish to discuss further, and we look forward to XytoVet, as an Australian-owned and managed partner, supporting the AWA and its members through processing quick turnaround samples for you.

Kind regards,

Dr Matthew McDonagh, CEO AWA and,

Jason Ledger, MD, XytoVet