Wagyu beef is finding its way into the repertoires of gourmet cooks and fine restaurants across Australia and the world.
What makes it so distinctive over other beef breeds is its eating quality and taste. Described as buttery, silky, tender and juicy, the unique properties of Wagyu beef are unsurpassed creating demand as a luxury product.
Abundant fine marbling, which is the unique fat characteristic of Wagyu, is distributed evenly throughout the muscle. Comprised mostly of monounsaturated fats, it has a low melting point and when cooked, distributes evenly through the meat for that unique sweet and extra juicy flavour.

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Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed derived from native Asian cattle. The name ‘Wagyu’ refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow.

Wagyu was originally draft animals used in Japanese agriculture and were selected for their physical endurance. This selection favoured animals with more intramuscular fat cells, or ‘marbling’, which provided a readily available source of energy. Wagyu is a naturally horned breed and the cattle are either black or red in colour.

Wagyu is a unique breed that has amongst its key attributes a high calving ease, excellent docile temperament, adaptable to a range of environmental conditions from northern Australia to the south. Thriving in feedlots, Wagyu give a high carcase yield on premium cuts commanding significant returns over and above other beef breeds, both in Australia and international markets. Read More »

Since 1989, the Australian Wagyu Association has supported the genetic improvement and promotion of Wagyu globally. Based on 100% Japanese genetics, our systems support the production of fullblood (100% Wagyu), purebred (93% Wagyu) and crossbred F1 to F4 cattle (fullblood Wagyu crossed with other breeds).

Our rich history has established a world-class Wagyu herd, the largest outside of Japan, based on the three major black Wagyu strains of Tajima, Fujioshi and Kedaka regions, plus two red strains, Kochi and Kumamoto.

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