2023: CANADA & USA

Tour highlights


The Australian Wagyu Association will take a group of stakeholders on a 14-day tour across Canada and the USA, visiting 11 Wagyu operations and the 2023 American Wagyu Conference in San Antonio, TX. Unforgettable Wagyu operations we plan to visit include Wagyu Sekai, Vermont Wagyu, Bar R Cattle Co, Lone Mountain Cattle, Triangle B Ranch, M6 Cattle Co, Ranger Cattle and Landgraf Ranch.

The tour departs from Sydney on 11 September 2023, returning on 26 September 2023.

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Wagyu Sekai
Puslinch, Ontario, Canada

Wagyu Sekai was established by Ken Kurosawatsu in 1992 in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada. Their first shipment of Fullblood Wagyu genetics to Canada out of Japan was in 1993 and Wagyu Sekai are now proud of their 100% Wagyu Beef branded as “Kurozawagyu” with pedigrees containing famous Wagyu sires such as Yasufuku, Monjiro, Shigeshigenami, Kikutani, Tanifuku Doi, Dai 7 Itozakura and Mitsufuku.

Vermont Wagyu
Springfield, Vermont, USA

Vermont Wagyu was established in 2008 by Dr. Sheila Patinkin with 20 Fullblood Wagyu calves.It is located in the hills of Vermont and offers many beautiful sights. Sheila returned to Vermont 15 years ago after working as a trained paediatrician and is now one of the leading breeders of 100% DNA certified Fullblood Wagyu.  Vermont Wagyu prides themselves on restorative agricultural management, low-stress handling practices, and data-focused breeding of Wagyu.

Synergy Wagyu
Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA

Loren Ruth introduced Wagyu into his herd in 2008 with a group of F1 females, a few Fullbloods, and a group of pregnant recipients. In 2014, Synergy was established by Loren Ruth – Stonyrun Genetics & Joe Petit – Kentucky Stud. They were dedicated to developing elite genetics from superior lines and decided to pool their resources together in order to increase profitability and sustainability. Joe has since exited the partnership but Loren and his son Michael have continued to advance Synergy Wagyu.

Bar R Cattle Co
Pullman, Washington, USA

Back in 1990, Jerry and Heidi Reeves began to transition their small commercial cattle herd into Wagyu and have been dedicated to advancing the breed ever since. Located in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington, BR2 Wagyu Genetics LLC was established in 2004 by partnering Bar R Cattle Company and Blue Rock Cattle Company. They use progeny testing to evaluate their sires by leasing them to large commercial Angus herds which has allowed them to select elite sires with proven carcass genetics.

Lone Mountain Cattle
Golden, New Mexico, USA

Lone Mountain Cattle, located in Golden, New Mexico was established in 1965 and is the leading Fullblood Black Wagyu Cattle Ranch in the United States. It is now owned and operated by Mary and Robert Estrin. They began their transition into raising Fullblood Wagyu cattle in 2005 as Robert purchased the first two Fullblood Wagyu Bulls and nine Fullblood Wagyu cows and by 2006, the entire herd was Fullblood Wagyu. They now aim to create the best possible genetics of American-Raised Fullblood Wagyu and are proving to do so.

Grassland Wagyu
Blanchard, Oklahoma, USA

Grassland Wagyu was established by Brian Stamps and specializes in original foundation genetics as well as enhanced EBV breeding. Their main focus is on elite genetics and rare maternal lines.

Triangle B Ranch
Stigler, Oklahoma, USA

Triangle B Ranch are located 15 miles North of Stigler, Eastern Oklahoma have been producing Fullblood and American Wagyu since 2002. The ranch is a vertically integrated operation consisting of a cow/calf operation, bull stud, supplier of seed-stock and genetics, cattle feeding operation, and online eCommerce store. They aim to produce the very best Fullblood Wagyu genetics and the highest quality beef, all while providing exceptional customer service.

M6 Cattle Co
Alvarado, Texas, USA

Kevin and Jessica Moore are the sole owners and operators of M6 Cattle Co. LLC located in North Central Texas. They believe that Wagyu is the only breed that can deliver new levels of quality and health benefits to the beef industry and are using their years of experience to produce high quality Wagyu. Kevin said “At M6, we have embraced the ultimate challenge in breeding Wagyu cattle. We are selecting for more carcass quality, more performance, more phenotypic eye-appeal while keeping heifer-safe calving ease.”

Ranger Cattle
Austin, Texas, USA

Ranger Cattle was founded by Josh Eilers and is located East of Austin. Josh was a Sergeant and served as team leader in the U.S. Army’s elite First Ranger Battalion. After retiring from the military, Josh started to follow his passion for the beef industry by starting one of the first true vertically integrated Farm-to-Table Wagyu operations in the United States. His herd consists of both Fullbloods and F1’s and is free to graze over 3000 acres in Austin Texas and supply over 40 local restaurants. He is a pretty badass dude producing some badass beef and marketing direct to consumers via his on-farm tasting room, food trucks, and multiple concept restaurants all falling under the Ranger brand.

Landgraf Ranch
Red Rock, Texas, USA

Landgraf Ranch is situated in Bastrop County, about 25 miles Southeast of Austin, Texas. There they are committed to producing the highest quality Fullblood Wagyu beef as all of their herd are born and raised and finished on farm. Their herd is bred for genetic excellence, raised in  a healthy and humane manner on 200 acres of Texas farmland. Landgraf Ranch is home to Fullblood Wagyu heifers and embryos with excellent bloodlines including: Mt. Fuji, Mazda, Michifuku, Shigeshigetani, Kenhanafuji, Kitaguni Jr., Fukutsuru 068, Kikuyasu, and Shigefu and stive to continually improve their herd genetics.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the booking conditions below. Payment of deposit indicates acceptance of the booking conditions detailed in the brochure.


This program has been costed on a set exchange rate. Due to the unstable nature of the Australian dollar, regrettably currency surcharges may be necessary.

All prices quoted are subject to change without notice having regard to unforeseen circumstances, foreign exchange fluctuations and variations in airline operating costs including but not limited to, say, an escalation of fuel prices.


The tour will proceed with minimum number (as indicated) of full paying passengers. In the event that the required numbers are not reached – the tour may still proceed however, per passenger prices may change.


In the event of deviation from this rate, Australian Wagyu Association reserves the right to increase prices or make refunds according to the impact the fluctuation has had on land content prices in the country or countries to be visited. NB: If minimum numbers are not reached with full paying participants – any possible refund for favourable exchange fluctuations may be foregone to ensure the tour still proceeds as planned.


To confirm your place on this program please book as early as possible. A reservation can only be confirmed with an immediate deposit of $5,500 per person. To reserve your place please complete the booking form and forward to Australian Wagyu Association with your deposit. Confirmation will be provided in writing within 7 working days, together with all necessary receipts and invoices.


Final payment is due on or before 31 July 2023. Payment can be accepted after this date, however it will be subject to availability of flights, accommodation and other tour inclusions.

An amendment fee of $50 will be charged for any alterations to your booking, after confirmation has been sent. Any changes made by you after the full payment has been made will incur a minimum of $100 fee plus any charges imposed by airlines, hotels and operators, and will be subject to availability of the requested changes.


VISAS: Australian passport holders may require a visa to enter the countries visited on the tour. As arrival documents are Government to Government requirement, AWA is NOT able to complete these documents on your behalf. AWA will assist wherever and whenever possible. Should you be travelling to other countries, please check on visa requirements.

PASSPORTS: Passengers will require a current passport with 6 months validity beyond the date of return.

USA ESTA: Persons travelling to, or via, the USA, are reminded of their obligation to comply with US entry and transit requirements.


Travel insurance is highly recommended for this program and passengers will need to organise this themselves.


Any cancellations must be made in writing by email to the Australian Wagyu Association. $500 of the initial deposit is non-refundable regardless of the time.

Cancellations after 60 days are subject to the following fees and charges:

  • From 60—30 days to departure –$1500 plus any unrecoverable costs. No refunds will be guaranteed (refund policies and fees subject to supplier contracts)
  • Within 30 days no refunds will be given.

Please consider travel insurance when paying your deposit.


It is our policy to follow the itinerary as written, however sometimes due to circumstances outside our control, or in the best interests of the group, the itinerary may vary slightly. No refunds will be given for any unused portions of the tour in respect of transfers, accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours or any other services included in the tour price but not utilised by the tour member.


The transportation firms concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their aircraft or conveyances. The passengers’ contract in use by the carrier concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation company or firms and the purchaser of these tours. Any airline does not by virtue of its endorsement of a program represent itself, either as contracting with any purchaser, or as having any other legal relationship with any such purchaser.


This program was correct at the time of printing. The information provided has been compiled with care and is published in good faith. Variations to the program, inclusions and prices may occur. This itinerary always remains the property of the Australian Wagyu Association, and is subject to change, with or without notice. Its unauthorised use, in whole or in part, is an infringement of copyright, and actionable by law.


The Australian Wagyu Association, acts only as to engage the services of hotels, airlines, bus or car companies, railroads, cruise and steamship lines, or owners or contractors providing accommodation, transportation or other services, and all coupons, exchange orders, receipts, subject to any and all tariffs, terms and conditions under which any accommodation, transportation or any other services whatsoever are provided by such hotels, airlines, bus or car companies, railroads, cruise and steamship lines or owners or contractors.

The Australian Wagyu Association shall not be liable or responsible for death or injury to any person or loss of or damage to any property or otherwise (including baggage) whether due to its or its servants agents or employees negligence or otherwise arising out of or in connection with any accommodation, transportation, technical visits or other services or resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, (dangers incidents to the sea), fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, force majeure or de facto wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules or overbooking or default, or from any causes beyond the Australian Wagyu Association’s control.

Also, for any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passports, visas or other documents, and that neither the Australian Wagyu Association nor its servants, agents or employees shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the tour member as a result of any of the foregoing causes. Participants should be aware that programs such as this visit rural and research properties, parks and conservation areas and occasionally stay in home hosted farm stays, safari camps and on houseboats. In addition, our programs may also utilise services and accommodation provided on river and other cruise/water-based vessels. Such visits carry inherent potential risks, including but not limited to health risks and injuries from livestock and other animals, equipment as well as trails, roads, and tracks. Participants accept such risks as inherent to such programs. As there can be moderate walking requirements to experience the activities of this program, there is an expectation that participants will have an adequate level of mobility including the ability to enter and exit coaches unassisted. Quadrant Australia maintains the rights to cancel, without refund, their services to clients who falsely accept the booking conditions without fully declaring mobility impairments.

Unused services cannot be refunded or exchanged. The Australian Wagyu Association reserves the right to cancel the tour and/or modify the itineraries in any way it thinks desirable and further reserves the right to decline to accept any person on any tour and may substitute hotels where necessary.


The minimum number of passengers for this program is 30 participants travelling as a group. If we have less than 30 bookings, the trade mission may still proceed, however possibly at a greater cost.

Important Notice and Disclaimer

It is very important that you appreciate when viewing the AWA database that the information contained on the AWA database, including but not limited to pedigree, DNA information, Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Index values, is based on data supplied by members and/or third parties.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information reported through AWA, AWA officers and employees assume no responsibility for its content, use or interpretation. AWA disclaims all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs you may incur as a result of the use by you of the data on this AWA database and the information supplied by ABRI and AGBU being inaccurate or incomplete in any way for any reason.

Regarding EBVs and Index values, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • EBVs are derived using Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN technology developed independently by the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), using the information contained within the AWA database.
  • AGBU is a joint venture of NSW Department of Primary Industries and the University of New England, which receives funding for this purpose from Meat and Livestock Australia Limited.
  • AWA relies solely on advice provided by AGBU and ABRI in accepting Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN software.
  • EBVs published in Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN are estimates of genetic potential of individual animals and may not reflect the raw animal phenotype.
  • EBVs can only be directly compared to other EBVs calculated in the same monthly Wagyu Group BREEDPLAN analysis.

Regarding pedigree and DNA testing results submitted to the AWA, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • Pedigree and DNA data submitted and supplied to AWA may have errors in it which cannot be detected without further DNA testing.
  • Technology may have advanced since a particular test was undertaken so that previous inaccuracies which were not detectable are now able to be detected by current testing technology.
  • AWA estimates that less than 1% of the pedigree entries, ownership or breeding details in the AWA Herdbook may have errors or which may be misleading. For this reason, users ought to consider if they need to obtain independent testing of the relevant animal (if possible) to ensure that the data is accurate.

Regarding prefectural content, it is very important to appreciate, and you need to be aware that:

  • Prefectural content is based on the estimation of prefectural origin from Japanese breeding records of 201 foundation sires and 168 foundation dams.  As genotype-based parent verification is not used in Japan, and full Japanese registration certificates are not available for all foundation animals, exact prefectural composition for these sires and dams cannot be validated.
  • The calculation of prefectural content for Australian Herdbook animals relies on the accuracy of pedigree records and DNA samples provided by AWA members.
  • The reporting of prefectural content for animals within the AWA Herdbook relies on the calculation provided by ABRI.

If you consider that you do not understand or appreciate the nature and extent of the data provided on this website or the EBVs of a particular animal, then AWA strongly recommends that you seek independent expert advice.