Be Bold, Be Branded Be Wagyu Champions of 2019

The 2019 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition awards were presented during the Gala Dinner of the Australian Wagyu Association’s annual conference, WagyuEdge: Building Integrity in Adelaide.

A coveted competition between Wagyu brand owners, the event showcases the very best of Australian produced Wagyu to create an exceptional eating experience that is characteristic of Wagyu.

Leading brands of Australian Wagyu compete in Fullblood, Crossbred and Commercial Steak and Gourmet Sausage.

Taking out the Grand Champion award was Mayura Station’s Signature Series with a phenomenal score of 821 out of a possible 910. The judges described the Fullblood Wagyu steak as a ‘beautiful piece of Wagyu beef, tender, juicy with a great buttery flavour – an excellent example of Wagyu’.


Mayura managing director Scott de Bruin celebrates his win with Australian Wagyu Association President, Chantal Winter and CEO, Matt McDonagh.


Bred from Mayura Jackpot a son of Mayura sire, Itoshigenami Jnr, the intramuscular fat content measured a massive 54% – if it could be given a marble score, it would be near Marble Score 16.45!
“Being benchmarked against the best in the branded Wagyu beef in Australia and being awarded the Grand Champion is an honour,” said Mayura managing director, Scott deBruin.
“We are humbled by the outcome and would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this success.”

The Wagyu Branded Beef Competition features a Gourmet Sausage category with many of the entrants experimenting with complimentary flavours to enhance the Wagyu.

Taking the Champion award was Sutcliffe Meats, producing a Korean BBQ sausage with hints of garlic, pear, honey, pepper and rice wine.
In addition to the Grand Champions, each class was awarded a Champion trophy. Across all categories, ten Gold, five Silver and seven Bronze medals were awarded.
Judged by a panel of peers on March 14, 2019 at Hog’s Cleveland, Queensland the 2019 Competition sees the introduction of Champion winners for each Class, particularly where more than one Gold medal is awarded based on scores.

The Winners are:


Gold Medal, Class and Grand Champion: Mayura Station, Signature Series

Gold Medalists
Stockyard, Stockyard Kiwami
Direct Meat Company, Black Diamond


Gold Medal and Class Champion: Hamblin Pty Ltd, Master Beef

Gold Medalists
Stockyard, Stockyard Black
Mort & Co, The Phoenix
Jack’s Creek, Jack’s Creek Wagyu
Rangers Valley, WX 9
Direct Meat Company, Connors Wagyu Beef
Pardoo Beef Company, First Growth Wagyu

Silver Medalists
Direct Meat Company, DMC Black
Andrews Meat Industries, Tajima
Kilcoy Global Foods, Carrara 604 Wagyu

Bronze Medalists
Andrews Meat Industries, W.Black
Crown State Pastoral, Crown State Wagyu


Gold Medal and Class Champion: Jack’s Creek, Jack’s Creek F1 Wagyu

Gold Medalist
Jac Wagyu, Jac Wagyu Pure

Bronze Medalists
Kilcoy Global Foods, Carrara 604 Wagyu
Harmony Agriculture & Food Co, Black Opal
Stockyard, Stockyard Silver


Gold Medal and Class Champion: Sutcliffe Meats, Korean BBQ Wagyu Sausage

Silver Medalist
Piero’s Meat Merchant, Wagyu Chorzia
Swansea Street Meats, Wagyu, beer, bacon and cheddar

Bronze Medalist
Swansea Street Meats, Wagyu truffle and parmesan

Grand Champion PROMO

Mayura Station, Signature Series takes out the Grand Champion for the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition